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Geneva's Return by Payton Lee
Free ebook: Historical Romance

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Geneva's Branch by Payton Lee
Excerpt from the book

Book three in the Geneva Series.

When Paige had collected herself she started to walk toward Tache and retrieve some shells from the saddlebag. The shot had disturbed a large screech owl and it began flying about in the trees screeching. Paige had never seen or heard anything like the huge bird and began to scream.

Her screams led Hunter to her immediately and as Paige turned away from the owl Hunter emerged from the line of trees into the clearing.

Paige screamed louder at the sight of the wolf. She was convinced she would be surrounded by a pack of wolves any moment. obooko.

Hunter sat down where he emerged and cocked his head back and forth at the screaming woman. He lifted his head and began howling in symphony with the screams. Actually she was hurting his sensitive ears.

Paige was shaking in panic. She didn't notice the rider coming up behind her and didn't see him jump from his horse bolting for her. She turned away from the wolf to face a large bearded grungy looking man coming toward her. He was dressed in a high collared woolen coat that nearly covered his face. He wore a beaver hat that covered his head completely. He also wore buckskin trousers with fringe and moccasins. Not being able to recognize the somewhat disguised Ayden Paige screamed for dear life as the man approached her. She turn to run and confronted a fully Indian dressed savage wearing a buffalo robe as he jumped from his pony and walked to the wolf. She felt faint and started to fall into darkness. The last thing she remembered was a strong arm grabbing her as she fell.

"Paige? Paige honey, talk to me," Ayden repeated for almost ten minutes continuously. He held his beautiful little wife in his arms wrapped in the buffalo robe Tracker had been wearing.

Tracker took an extra blanket from his bedroll as an extra cover to the cold and was busy skinning the moose Paige had killed. Cain and Grady were making a travois to put the moose meat on.

"Cold. I'm so cold!" Paige muttered in her delirium.

Ayden hugged Paige tighter, trying to add his body heat to warm her.

Slowly Paige opened her eyes and looked into the soft gray eyes she had come to love. "Ayden?" "Yes honey, it's me," Ayden replied softly.