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Geneva's Force by Payton Lee
Free ebook: Historical Romance

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Geneva's Force by Payton Lee
Excerpt from the book

Book Five in the Geneva Romance Series.

It had only been a minute after Bennett returned to his stateroom when he heard knocking. He peered through the peephole and saw Mrs. Withers standing in front of Brock’s door. “Ah, your first victim.” Bennett went to the armoire and changed into his sleepwear. He was tired from the long day and the sea air with the ship’s rolling always made him sleepy.

Bennett woke early and dressed for breakfast. When he opened the door he watched the Peter’s maid receiving a kiss from Brock at the door. Brock noticed Bennett and gave him a wink. Bennett hurriedly walked down the hall and down the stairs to the first class dining suite. obooko.

Brock came into the dining room shortly after Bennett had been served breakfast. “Good morning!” “I trust you had an eventful evening,” Bennett acknowledged his friend.

“Oh yes. My plan has worked perfectly. I don’t think I shall have a night alone throughout the entire voyage.”

“Aren’t you just a wee bit afraid of disease or leaving a bastard somewhere?” Bennett said bluntly.

“I’ve told you a hundred times I protect myself. Are you just a wee bit jealous?” Bennett glared at his friend. He certainly wasn’t jealous.

He was brought up to respect women and act in a proper manner. He also wouldn’t settle for anything less than the wonderful love his parents obviously shared. His parents created six siblings and they still kissed and held each other’s hands. His parents still looked at each other with deep love. That’s what he wanted in his life. He never even considered these one-night trysts that Brock seemed to enjoy. Bennett didn’t understand that need of his friend at all. “You can believe what you will,” Bennett grumbled and drank a full gulp of fresh milk.

“All right old man,” Brock said quietly. “You’re not jealous. Is it truly concern?”

“That’s all it is.”

“Don’t worry my friend.” “Brock, have you ever considered those women’s feelings? What if there is a jealous and crazed suitor? An insanely jealous husband?”