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Five Star Affair by Payton Lee
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Five Star Affair by Payton Lee

A war love story set in World War 2. In the insanity of war Mark and Kiley need each other to remain sane. The Nazis are not the only foe they must do battle with. They have to defeat their own feelings and fears, and those that believe Mark to be their private property. obooko.


“Your father is trying to tell you that we are divorced as of this morning,” Martie blurted out. She hoped her daughter would be shocked and weepy. If Deborah were upset she might cling to Mark’s sense of duty a bit longer. “I’ve expected this for some time,” Debbie replied calmly. “I’m sure it’s for the best. Neither of you have been very happy in this marriage. I wish you both well. So where are we going to dinner?” She wasn’t surprised. She didn’t understand why her father had stayed as long as he did. She heard the arguments at night when her parents thought she was asleep. Even she felt strangled under her mother’s dominance and harping. College was her freedom and she was happy for her father that he now had his. She would tell him later or in a letter when he returned to the front. Her father’s position had made her the most popular and influential student at Radcliffe. It was nice but she was worried for her father and his life the same as the other students were about theirs. “We have reservations at Heathcliff Side,” Mark answered. He didn’t believe how calmly Debbie had taken the news. Martie had railed him for years how devastated their daughter would be by a divorce. Another load had been lifted from his shoulders. This trip to Washington had been worthwhile for the strategy of the war effort and his personal life. “How long can you visit?” Debbie asked worriedly. She wished she could spend a little private time with her father. She wanted to share her senior year with him, her grades, and more importantly the young man in her life. She and Charles had agreed to keep their romance a secret until graduation. As the daughter of the Supreme Commander, she was under too much scrutiny and she wanted to tell her father about Charles before the press did. “I’ve only got three days,” Mark stated sadly. He wanted more time with his daughter, but the war was more important than his personal life. “And we’ll spend these three days as a true family,” Martie inserted. This was a thread she could use to carry on the façade of marriage. She wouldn’t let Mark go. He would have no peace until he came back to her. Mark ignored Martie’s remark. He didn’t want to spoil this short time with his daughter with arguments.

The family did have a quiet dinner. Debbie told her father about school, her friends, her life, and graduation. “I won’t make it to your graduation,” Mark confessed. “My heart will be with you.” “I know, Daddy,” Debbie soothed. “What you’re doing is more important. We’ll have time later. We’ll make up for it then. Imagine, my Daddy is Supreme Commander of Allied Forces.” “You make that title sound greater than it is,” Mark beamed. “You make me feel important.” “You are, Daddy,” Debbie beamed. “I’ll take every moment we have as a treasure.” Debbie was true to her word. Father and daughter took off early in the morning for a walk on the University grounds. It was during that private time she introduced Charles Blanchard. She was thrilled when her father accepted her future husband and approved of their relationship. Later in the afternoon Debbie introduced Charles to her mother. Debbie thought her mother was acting rather strangely. Normally she would intimidate and dominate all conversations. This time her mother was soft spoken and unusually restrained. Although she didn’t understand it, Debbie took advantage of it. Even Mark was surprised by Martie’s behavior, but he was grateful. The three days he had with his daughter were some of the happiest memories he would have from this war. The other happy memories were in England. He found he missed Kiley more than he thought he would.