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Build My World by Rebecca Abbott Miller
Romance novel

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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Build My World by Rebecca Abbott Miller
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Casey Russo's husband is gone and she needed a change, but she never expected to end up on tour with Quintessential, the world's hottest pop group. obooko.

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Save Me by Rebecca Abbott MillerGoing Home by Rebecca Abbott Miller


“Why aren’t you in school?”

“Teacher workday.”

“Oh. Where are your brothers and sisters?”

“They’re with Grandma and Grandpa Morris, except Rebecca. Daddy had to take her to the doctor.” She frowned. “I don’t think Mom is very happy about you being here.”

“You don’t?” Casey sighed. “Were you supposed to be going with her?”

Emily shook her head. “No. She wanted me to come over here and clean the house so Grandma and Grandpa  wouldn’t have it to worry about.”

“That’s a good idea, Em. You know what? I’m going to make your mom happy and not go to the hospital. I’ll stay here and help you. They'll be home around lunch time, I’d guess.”

She and Emily quickly straightened up the already clean house. She then sent Emily upstairs to her room to retrieve

videotape she had brought for the family to watch. She returned to the living room with the tape.

Casey nodded toward the VCR “Start it.”

The things on the tape were innocent enough and the language was mild enough – no worse than Emily heard at school, for sure. The “Casey cam,” as the guys had dubbed it, had recorded them rehearsing their dance moves, singing at sound checks, goofing off in the dressing room, eating on Casey’s bus, eating in the hotel rooms, eating at Denny’s, and of course, per- forming. She had taped them playing basketball; she had caught them all sleeping on their bus late one night when they stopped for fuel; and there were several shots of one or more of them singing a cappella in bathrooms all across the country.

Of course, the camera had been turned on her, too, mostly by Max. His favorite prank was to stand outside the bathroom door with the camera and startle her when she opened the door. She jumped every time and he never tired of it.

Michael had picked up the camera and caught an argument between David and Casey one morning at breakfast. David had a habit of coming onto Casey’s bus in the middle of the night on the nights they stayed over in a hotel to fix himself a snack. He also had a habit of not cleaning up after himself. It had come to a head one morning when she boarded her bus and found that he had stuck a knife covered in peanut butter in the jelly jar. It wasn’t a big deal, she could admit, but she had blown a gasket, and Michael had caught it on tape.

The last few minutes of the footage had been filmed just a few days before. Casey had the camera at the hotel’s indoor pool videotaping the guys as well as Al and Jake playing water

basketball, trying to dive, and generally just cutting loose and enjoying a break from work. She hadn’t been aware that Jason had picked up the camera after she had joined them in the pool and he had taped Casey and Michael huddled together in a corner in the shallow end of the pool. They were kissing. It was nothing graphic and obviously nothing Casey was ashamed of doing in front of someone else, but she hadn’t told her family that her relationship with Michael had rocketed past the “just friends” stage.

Emily hadn’t missed it, and she picked up the remote to rewind the tape and watch he last few seconds again. She looked from the television to Casey, her eyes wide. “Casey, was

that you with Mike Brooks?”

Casey smiled and nodded. “Mike and I are dating, I guess you could say.”

“You mean, he’s your boyfriend?”

Again, Casey nodded. “Yeah, he’s my boyfriend.”

“You’re in love with him?”