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Save Me by Rebecca Abbott Miller
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Save Me by Rebecca Abbott Miller
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he Second Book of The Quintessential Series.

For Hannah, there was nothing exciting about Crossdale, North Carolina. But Max was living a dream as a member of Quintessential, the hottest boyband in history.

Download Book 1: Build My World; Book 3: Going Home

Build My World by Rebecca Abbott MillerGoing Home by Rebecca Abbott Miller


Hannah sighed when she opened the door to Subway

Saturday morning.  Justin was  wiping down  the

counter. She hadn’t had to work with him since their fight, and she was sure he was behind the scheduling.    Since she only worked there a few hours on the weekends, it would have been easy for him to find a way to be scheduled opposite shifts as her.

“Hey, Hannah,” he said as she approached.

She frowned.   “I guess you got stuck with me this time, huh? No one to trade shifts with?”

He shook his head. “I haven’t been trading shifts.  I’m not avoiding you. You’re avoiding me.”

She didn’t respond. It was true. He had called everyday for the first few days following their fight. That slacked off to every other day, and now just every three or four days. When she knew it was Justin calling, she let the phone ring; and when she did answer it, she hung up as soon as he said hello. Jimmy had had no better luck trying to get her to talk to Justin either.

“Why are you avoiding me?” He followed her as she went into the back room.

“Because you didn’t believe me.”

He sighed. “I’m sorry. I believe you now.”

“Why because Jimmy said it was true? You believe him, is what you mean.”

Justin looked down and shook his head. He looked back up at her.  “I guess you’re right.  I’m sorry, Hannah, but it’s still kinda unbelievable.”

Hannah stared at her friend.  Justin wasn’t a native of Crossdale. He had moved into a rooming house there to avoid living in the dorms at the nearby university.   He knew her

history, because she had told him, and because he had heard it from everyone in town.  But he had never bought into the idea that Hannah was replacing her mother as the town tramp.  She was his co-worker and his friend, and he chose to judge her on real-life instead of rumors.

She smiled. “It is, even for me.”

“Does that smile mean you forgive me and we’re friends again?” He asked.

She nodded.  “Yeah.”  Her cell phone rang and she dug it out of her jacket pocket.  “It’s him,” she said.  “Hello?”  She walked a few steps away from Justin, and he took her hint that she wanted some privacy.

“Hey Hannah.” Max said, not sounding like his usual cheerful self.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Nothing.  I think I may have had too much to drink last night.”

“Oh.” She was never quite sure how to respond to his stories about drinking.   She wasn’t supposed to drink while taking her medication, and as a Christian she felt a moral conviction not to overindulge.  “So the party must have been pretty good.”

“Not really.  I mean, it was a good party, but I just wasn’t into it.”

“Why not?”

“Because you weren’t there. That would have made things a whole lot better.”

Hannah frowned.  She would have given her eyeteeth to have been able to go to that party, but with her work schedule it was impossible.  Too many people depended on her, and she couldn’t risk losing her job.  She needed the money.  The insurance she had through the bank refused to cover her illness, claiming it was a pre-existing condition.  She needed her job to pay for her meds.

“Have you gotten to spend a lot of time with your sister?” “Ugh,” Max moaned. “I haven’t even seen her yet. I know

she’s here because everyone else has seen her, but she’s giving

me the big brush off.” “Why?”

“Carmen says it’s because I hassle her about Cliff.”

“Do you?” Hannah had heard Max’s concerns before. Unlike her, he was talkative and didn’t keep many secrets.

“Probably. I’m just scared, Hannah. I don’t want her to get sick.”

“You think it’s gotten that far?  You think they’re sleeping


“I would hope that she would be smarter than that.  I don’t know, though. She must have spent the night with him.”