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Devil's Descent Volume 1: Purgatory
by Claudia D. Christian

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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Devil's Descent Volume 1: Purgatory by Claudia D. Christian
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Reader age rating 17+

Existing solely for the night, Julian Douglas finds his human pet, Lily Walker. Lily also lives for the night but tries to find peace from the nightmare that is her new master. Who finds freedom? Is it the master who is a slave to his pet human? Or the human pet who never wants to run away from her master? obooko.

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As if he had read her thoughts, Julian ordered, “Kiss them.”

Lily discarded her reckless defiance and obliged willingly. She lowered her head to brush lips over one foot and then the other. Fervently she kissed both feet, running tongue over his toes and up both ankles.

He shifted slightly, enjoying her adulation. Lily’s obvious enthusiasm surprised him, considering her scorn. However, he didn’t allow himself to take pleasure in hers. “Enough.”

He jerked his foot out in a quick kick when she didn’t immediately stop. Lily fell back on her side. He looked down at her and felt satisfaction in her ignoble fall. “When I tell you to do something, darling, I expect you to do it. Now follow me.”

Julian walked to the couch, not bothering to see if she would obey, but his hands itched with nervousness. What would he do if she laughed at him again? What if this wasn’t what she wanted? What if he HAD lost his ability to dominate along with his power over others?

She’s right. I am weak. I always have been and always will be.

When he turned around Lily was right there, as he hadn’t expected, still on all fours.

Imperiously, he ordered, “Stay,” just to see her reaction. Lily’s expression didn’t change but her body relaxed into submission. Still far from satisfied, Julian left his darling poison and went to his discarded coat. He rifled his hand in one pocket.

These always  put  her  exactly where  I  wanted—at my total control.

With an exclamation of triumph, Julian dropped the coat to the floor and padded over to Lily. His lips parted to reveal a wicked grin. “Remember these?”

Lily instantly recognized the golden objects in his hand. One of them was a wide golden collar consisting of dozens of ropes all tightly interlocked.  Its   large   sapphire   glittered   in   the   half-light,   always reminding her of Julian’s eyes. Once fitted around her neck, the sturdy golden chain, the second object dangling from his fingers, could be attached to the collar.

If he has those, then maybe he has the rest.

Lily’s face rippled with little spasms of pain.

No, he couldn’t! I broke them. I wrapped them around my stake and plunged it into his chest.

Julian dangled the dreaded pair of golden chains right in front of her face. Numbly, she stared at them.

He delighted in them so much. I did too…once.

The  first  one  was  designed  to  go  around  Lily’s  waist.  The second connected to the first and went between her legs. A flawless sapphire sat in each tiny link, resulting in hundreds of priceless stones all staring at Lily in reproach. The last time she had seen them they weren’t stunning blue but black, stained with Julian’s borrowed blood.

I should’ve known a little bit of gore and a whole lot of pain wouldn’t be enough to get these thrown away.

“I see you haven’t forgotten your presents. They looked so...decadent…on you.” Musing out loud, while studying the body chain, he said, “You’ll never believe what this cost to have it repaired. Even though I thought I was getting cheated, I had to have it fixed.”

“Really, you shouldn’t have.” Lily’s soft reply inspired Julian’s black brow to arch sharply. Surprisingly, he remained silent.

Controlled by a hidden clasp, the length could be adjusted according to Julian’s whim. Lily remembered how it’d rub and tease her unmercifully if there wasn’t any slack on the chain. Oftentimes, Julian would let it hang low, knowing Lily would be forced to wear longer, more concealing clothes in order to keep others from seeing the chain.

Lily alternately loved and loathed these pretty baubles. She loathed what they stood for, but she loved that Julian could touch her no matter where she was, if only through his gift.

He doesn’t need these to touch me, but I need them to touch him.

Julian crouched by her side. He brushed the chains across her nipples, teasing them so very gently. “I’ve kept these on my body for two years, Lily. I don’t go anywhere without them.”

She let her eyes drift shut. “Did you think of me?” “Always.”

“How long before you washed the blood off?”

Julian’s hand paused in its seductive ministrations. “A year.” “Why so long?”

He blew in her ear. “Because I wanted it to be a reminder. I wanted to remember how you staked me.” He smirked coldly. “I never wanted to forget that you’re poison, Lily. A filthy, disgusting poison.”

She jerked forward, obviously bothered by his judgment. “So what happened?”

He closed his fist and pulled the chains away. “Jeweler got squeamish. Said he couldn’t work with such conditions.”

“The blood should’ve flaked away.”

“Not mine. It was perfectly bloody.” Julian snapped his fingers in a familiar gesture. Lily obeyed, rising to let him fasten the chains around her. Julian sadistically left very little slack. Every movement would soon have Lily aroused to an unbearable pitch.

“You’re very sick.” She referred to more than the punishment he had subjected on her.

“I know, darling.” Her submission calmed him like the first hit did an addict. He laughed in glee. “You instigate that in me. Don’t complain.” Stepping away from her, Julian surveyed the erotic vision before him.  The chain emphasized her waist and the sight of the chain bisecting Lily’s mound brought a surge of lust to his body. His overly- bright gaze bored into her pussy. The sight of sapphires twinkling amidst

her black curls was one he’d always enjoyed and hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing in far too long.

Lily swayed. Dread and languor sparred for dominance.

“Don’t faint on me, girl. You’ll make me very cross if I have to scrape you off the floor.”