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The Doctor and The Assassin by Lietha Wards
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The Doctor and The Assassin by Lietha Wards
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Protecting his brother's crime syndicate and working for the government as a trained assassin, Nick Castile had his hands full. That was however before he met the beautiful young Doctor Jordan Calloway. obooko.

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Jimmy thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He'd nearly missed spotting her because he was helping a customer when she walked passed the window outside the florist shop he worked at. The elderly woman he was helping peered at him over her spectacles when he was distracted by the woman outside the window. She was rambling on about her grandchildren and how they liked carnations. He could care less. Old people disgusted him. They were all wrinkly and worn out and they either smelled like Ben gay or cats, so he thought. The more she talked, the more he thought about shoving her under a bus. The image actually brought a smile to his face. Unfortunately she thought it was her stories that pleased him and she continued to fervently talk until she finally noticed that she didn't have his attention.

“Young man?” she stated with obvious displeasure in her voice.

He directed his gaze back to her, “I'm sorry ma'am, I'm on a break.” It gave him pleasure to see how put out she was. Old coot, he thought as he turned away from her to tell his supervisor that he was taking a break. Like she really cared. She looked like something out of a Goth magazine, dyed black hair, piled on makeup and at least a dozen piercings hanging out of her face, not to mention the tattoos. She was rather repulsive to him. Nothing compared to that gorgeous piece he saw a minute ago. The woman shrugged telling him that was fine. Obviously she didn't notice the customer he'd left over in the corner of the shop with a scowl on her face. He quickly rushed out the door hoping he could catch up to the auburn haired woman. Scanning the crowd on the sidewalk, his eyes settled on the hair and because of it, she was easy to spot. He weaved through the crowd trailing after her, removing his apron and folding it in his left hand as he walked. It was the auburn curls that attracted him. An unusual but gorgeous color the likes of which he'd never seen and they cascaded halfway down her back. Then he got a glimpse of the rest of her at a distance and knew she was meant for him.

Then the crowd parted momentarily and there was her walk, the self-assured natural feminine sway to her hips as she was unaware of how alluring it was to the man behind her. He did his best to try and stay within twenty feet of her but every cell in his body wanted to approach and accidently brush against that delicious body.

Suddenly she stopped and looked in a shop window, brushing a tendril of hair behind her ear while examining a dress through the glass. If she knew how desirable and enthralling that simple gesture was to the men who stopped to stare at her, she probably wouldn't have done it. He smirked, she even didn't notice that they looked at her. She was completely unaware of her own beauty. How perfect. It was the ideal opportunity to study her lovely profile and exquisite body and he did. His eyes slowly soaked up every living inch of her and he was captivated.

He watched her smile a little probably imagining what the dress would look like on her. At least that was how he interpreted it and he couldn't help but smile too. Then, to his surprise, she turned directly toward him instead of continuing on her way. What happened next made him nearly fall over, she actually saw him. He was usually more cautious, but God she was distracting.

Maybe it was because he was still wearing the smile when she looked at him that caused her to smile back when she walked by. He felt his stomach leap at the gesture. He was a complete stranger and she acknowledged him. It was only for a second, but it was what had made up his mind. He had to have her.

He would do what he did with Anna May Wagner, but he would take his time and woo her first. He thought Anna May was perfect too, until he found out that she cheated on him with another man. He felt his rage rise at the memory. But he had taken care of her so she could never do it again. Snapping himself back to the present, he noticed that auburn hair had almost disappeared from his view so he quickly caught up to her again but still kept his distance. He would follow her and see where she lived and he would keep following her so he could figure out her pattern.

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