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The Mercenary's Conquest by Lietha Wards
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The Mercenary's Conquest by Lietha Wards
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Reader age rating 17+

Also available for purchase in Kindle format: Kindle USA  Kindle UK

While G
age Hart was on a mission for a close friend he didn't expect this assignment to be so gorgeous. He and somehow lost focus when he first saw Mia Cooper and began to desire her more and more. Gage was torn between his feelings and his duty to protect her. He desperately wanted her for his own. He was putting both of their lives at risk by letting his guard down. Was it all worth it? obooko.

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It was the last day of school and the first day of summer holidays for the students of Scott Springs High School. With graduation ceremonies ending the week prior to the final exams, Mia had already taken everything from her locker with the exception of her exam supplies which she was taking home now. Lisa, her best friend was waiting for her outside on the steps with at least a dozen other people from her graduating class. They just finished writing their biology exams and Lisa was usually done earlier than her, but Mia’s marks were always higher. Watching her, Mia thought Lisa was one of the prettiest girls she knew with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Just then Lisa saw her and lifted her hand in greeting.

“Mia, how do you think you did?” Lisa broke away from the group and walked up to her with a stunning smile while tossing her long hair over her shoulder.

She shrugged, “I don’t know.” Of course she knew, but Lisa’s grades weren’t as good as hers and she didn’t like to sound like she was bragging. However Lisa was smart enough to know that.

“You lie,” she laughed, “You’re a straight A student. I think you’re just trying to make me feel better as usual because you’re smarter than I am.”

“If you actually studied Lisa, you’d beat me.” She offered knowing that it was true.

“Maybe, but that means I’ll have less time for boys.” She wiggled her eyebrows causing Mia to giggle. Then she studied her friend for a moment, “Which reminds me, you need to come over to the police station and see the new deputy Mia. He’s been here almost three months and you haven’t even seen him,” Said Lisa as her blue eyes glittered, “He’s so dreamy. It seems as if he should be in Esquire, not handing out traffic

tickets. I mean if I wasn’t dating Charlie, I’d be all over him like dew on grass.”

Mia slanted an amused gaze on her friend, “Yes I know, you’ve mentioned him before.” About a hundred times, she thought with amusement.

“Did I mention how big he was? I mean the way those uniforms fit, it’s like he’s got muscles everywhere.”

“Yes, I believe you mentioned that too.” She laughed. “And he’s got that look about him like he knows exactly

what to do with a woman.” She made a purring sound. “I wish the boys at the station would do one of those man calendars! Wouldn’t that be a treat? He could be Mr. December and wear nothing but a Santa hat. What a thing to find under your tree.”

“Now you’re just getting crude.” She said wincing at the bluntness her friend was known for. However she still couldn’t take the smile off her face.

Lisa’s dad was the local police chief in Scott springs, and she was very popular. Of course it didn’t help that she was really pretty and was the head cheerleader on the squad. Mia and her had been friends since Kindergarten and although Mia wasn’t popular like Lisa, they were still good friends. Lisa was dating Charlie Hingley, the Captain of the football team. His older brother Liam was a policeman and had been after Mia for her to go out with him. Mia liked Liam but didn’t feel about him in that way. Like Lisa, Mia had known the Hingleys since kindergarten and thought of Charlie and Liam as more of friends. When he started asking her out, she thought he was teasing, but then the flowers came to the diner one day and she finally had to tell him how she felt. Her father thought Liam would be good for her, but she didn’t agree. Even Lisa tried to push her into dating Liam because they could double date the brothers, but still Mia needed something more. She wanted that ‘spark’ that she’d heard can happen when you finally meet someone that’s meant to be. Her mother used to tell her about it when she and her father first met. Maybe she was living in a fantasy world, but if she was being honest with herself, Liam really wasn’t her type. Not that she knew what her type was, but she was sure she would know when she met him. “Speaking of Policemen, didn’t Charlie get accepted to the academy?” Mia said trying to get her to change the subject. If her social life was left up to Lisa, Mia would be in bending or breaking a lot of the morals she was raised with. Lisa may be her best friend but she did things that Mia didn’t agree with. However, she never judged her. Mia supposed that maybe if she had Lisa’s privileges she’d behave the same way—maybe not, but she still wasn’t going to judge her.

“Yes.” Lisa said with a pout, “he’s leaving in the fall, so I’ll probably be spending most of the summer with him,” she gave her friend an apologetic look. “Although, I’ll still try and make time for you. Now back to the subject you keep avoiding. He’s still single from what Charlie says. He’s a little older than our group, but who cares. A mature man means he knows what to do with a woman.” Lisa wiggled her eyebrows again causing Mia to laugh.

Back to that again, she thought. “I don’t have time for a man in my life Lisa. Since mom died, dad needs me more than ever to help with the diner.”

Lisa felt terrible for reminding Mia of her recent loss, but she also knew that her friend always put everyone before herself and needed to be a teenager at some time in her life. Mia kept her grounded at times because Lisa knew she was spoiled and it was Mia who kept reminding her that not everyone had it as easy as she did. The words were never said, but Mia’s hard work said plenty. Whatever Lisa asked for her father gave her and Mia had to work for everything she wanted.

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