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Against the Odds by Senna Fisher
Free Romance

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Against the Odds by Senna Fisher
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Contemporary romantic fiction.

Finally settled into her mundane life, Rebecca accidentally meets Clayton, an arrogant lawyer who disturbs her little world and desires to understand her and her and all of her secrets. Clayton wants to know absolutly everything about her, but can he handle the truth about who Rebecca really is? Will her desire for him allow her to risk keeping a secret that has been in her family for generations? obooko.

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Felicia looked around her as she walked in the Ferncliff Forest. Her stride was hesitant and afraid. It was so dark in the forest that she was startled by the rustling noises of the leaves blowing softly in the wind around her. Her torch composed murky, ominous shadows against the darkness of the night, which captured her vivid imagination. She shivered as she felt a cool breeze whisk through her shawl.

Then she heard the slow, intense flapping of wings moving towards her, just a few paces behind her. She looked around and saw nothing.

“Olivia, is that you?”

There was no reply, so she walked faster, bumping into shrubs and roots. She got to the clearing and was consoled by the clean, fresh air of the openness. She swung her torch around to see if anybody was there, but saw nothing except the muffled silence of the night air. She relaxed slightly, thinking she had allowed her imagination to run away with her. Okay I am alright. Where is Olivia? She was to meet Olivia here at the clearing at midnight. It was fifteen minutes passed midnight already.

Felicia had been late because her husband, Samuel, had taken so long to fall off to sleep. She had rushed here, hoping Olivia would wait for her. Olivia did not seem like a patient woman and might have already left. She was not sure if she was disappointed or relieved. If Olivia had already left, she would not need to go through with it. But if she is still on her way, she sighed deeply. I am going to do it. Felicia was unsure what to do next. She had come this far, she reasoned to herself, so there was really no harm in waiting a bit. Fine, I will wait for half an hour, then leave. But I need to relax because every sound is giving me the creeps here. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She jerked suddenly when she realized she was not alone. There was definitely something in the forest. She felt she was being watched, peered at. She casts her eyes suspiciously across the bushes around her, hoping to identify the source of her suspicion.

She turned around and jumped when she heard the cold, harsh voice behind her. “Well, you took your time, didn’t you?”

Olivia was standing directly behind her, so close that she could feel her breathing into the nape of her neck.

“Olivia, you gave me such a fright! I did not hear you coming. I am so sorry I am late, but...”

“No matter, let’s get to work. I don’t have the whole night. Come.”

Felicia felt the cold, dry hand grab her. She followed Olivia and as they walked, she realized that she had made a mistake. She should not be here. She should be at home with her husband and her two-year old daughter. She had been motivated by anger and jealousy, and now, finding herself in the forest at midnight with a black witch, she was sure she should just call it off. She realized she had been wrong to come here tonight, particularly as she was scared of the Olivia she saw now. She looked different now with her long black dress and no shoes, her green eyes gleaming dangerously in the moonlight. Her voice had a menacing tone which she had not detected when she had met Olivia in town. She had been a soft-spoken woman with a pale green dress, which had made her eyes light up beautifully when she smiled.

Olivia stopped suddenly. “Sit down there while I prepare the ritual.”

Felicia sat obediently and Olivia disappeared into one of the bushes. It is odd that she never seems to make a sound as she walks, Felicia reflected. Olivia emerged from the bushes carrying a bag filled with herbs and black candles. She placed the candles in a circle around both of them and lit them. She moved from candle to candle, sprinkling some of the herbs, while she chanted a string of words Felicia did not recognise. One giant candle was placed in the middle of the circle, facing both of them. Felicia felt the gravity of the ritual and its dark force closing in on her. She wanted to say something, to stop the ritual, but Olivia seemed unaware of her presence. Felicia cleared her throat, but Olivia glared her into silence, her eyes dark and hostile and her lips pursed tightly in disapproval. She pulled out the lock of dark hair. She held it over the flame and chanted:

Winds of the North, East, South and West
Call to my behest

The Angel of Darkness, Angel of Pain
That he may serve my purpose once