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Hartley's Crush by Lietha Wards
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Hartley's Crush by Lietha Wards
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The pressures of being alone were being experienced by Tyler Hartley. He gazed his best friend, Micah, along with his beautiful wife and child wishing he'd had a life. But, try as he might, he just could not seem to find that perfect woman; a woman who could overlook the money and fame he had acquired. Tyler needed someone who could love him, not what he was, but for who he was. obooko.

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The next day after practice Micah Rush, his best friend and teammate, sat down beside him in the dressing room while the rest of the players were getting changed and engaging in banter and talk.

His and Micah's lockers were always beside one another even when they were kids. Now that they were in the National league, they kept their spots together. Their friendship was the same. They were tight. Micah had four younger brothers, but he always considered Tyler his closest and most trusted friend. Things he wouldn't dare divulge to his brothers, he easily told Tyler.

As  for  today,  this  wasn't  an official practice, but  their General Manager insisted that Tyler and Micah be there to help with the new rookies.  Micah's younger brother started last year and was also told to come because he needed the practice. A few other players straggled in also just to get a jump on the season. “Hey man. Something wrong?” Micah finally said after

watching him for a moment. Tyler had been sitting silently with his forearms resting on his thighs and his hands folded together while staring at the far wall. He didn't even seem to notice that he'd sat next to him. If anyone knew the guy, they would immediately notice that it was unusual for him.

Tyler sat erect and shook his head after flicking him a quick glance. Nothing was revealed in his expression.

“You seem distant the last few weeks,” Micah added. He never brought it up before because they usually had no problem talking about things that were troubling them, but Tyler hadn't let on that something was. He was starting to worry about him.

“I've just been thinking about things, is all,” he finally said as he reached down and started unlacing his skates.

Micah watched him keenly with pale blue eyes that he inherited from his father and his son inherited from him. His reluctance to talk just confirmed his concern.

He and Tyler had just spent the summer together back in Montana with their families where they grew up and Tyler was not his normal self then either. Usually he had a tremendous sense of humor and was incredibly outgoing, but there was a slight change in him. He'd caught him staring more than once like he did moments ago. “You want to come to the house for dinner tonight?” He knew Tyler, probably better than his own family did. Something was bugging him and because they were so close, he could read him. They were always there for one another. Nevertheless, he'd felt he'd been neglecting him lately and felt guilty. They always traveled to and from practice together but he'd been busy with his younger brother and hadn't spent as much time with him as he used to.

His brother Cole, the second oldest out of five boys in the family, was starting his second year as one of the defensemen.

He was still a rookie and still needed a lot of guidance and extra practice. On top of that, Micah's two year old son and wife came first in his life. Tyler never complained—ever, but that didn't mean he couldn't feel terrible for not being there. He loved him like one of his brothers and he'd certainly be there for them if they needed it.

“I would.” Tyler smiled as he accepted Micah's invitation. Although part of Micah's family lived with him, Tyler's was far away so he spent a lot of time at the Rush's. He even had a bedroom there that they set aside for him when the nights got late and he didn't want to drive home to his lonely condo.

Micah stood up and patted his shoulder, “Well, you know where I am if you want to talk,” he said before he left for the shower.

“Yeah thanks,” he said to himself while watching him walk away. Tyler and Micah had been friends for more than twenty years and shared everything. Tyler would definitely tell him if he thought it merited it, but it wouldn't solve his problems and Micah already had a lot on his shoulders. He knew he was feeling guilty because of his preoccupation with his younger brother, but that wasn't bothering Tyler at all. He'd make sure he'd straighten him out tonight in regards to that. As it was, he was glad he had him. Besides, spending time with Micah's family eliminated his loneliness. Too bad it was only a temporary fix.

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