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Molly's Match by Thabi Majabula
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Molly's Match by Thabi Majabula
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Attending her mother's anniversary at a restaurant, a stranger pretends to be Molly's date. Deciding to exchange details, he contacts her after the event.

Some time into their relationship she is surprised to hear his say that something about her is putting him off, so she decides to avoid contact with him. Then out of the blue, he turns up unexpectedly, and she finds herself behaving in an unforeseen manner.

When next she sees him, after she has stayed away from him again, he explains to her exactly what it is he desires. obooko.

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Molly was at a bar, drinking alone. She had left work early, needing a break. Standing at six feet, and voluptuous, she towered over most of the women, and some of the men. She wore her brown hair in a bun. Her green top brought out the colour of her green eyes. After nursing one drink for over an hour, she left.

She arrived home, and climbed into bed. She was woken by her ringing phone. She ignored it, but it would ring within seconds of cutting. She picked it up.

“Why are you still at home?” demanded her sister Tink.

“Where else would I be?”

“It’s Ma’s tenth wedding anniversary. We all agreed to be here for her.”

“That’s today?”

“It’s now. Get over here, before she comes.”


“Get here!” Molly closed her eyes, and groaned, then she freshened up, and went to the restaurant where her family was meeting.

Her heart sank as she approached the family table. Ma was already there, as was everyone else. Molly wanted to turn and leave, then Ma spotted her, and frowned. Everyone else turned to see what she was frowning at. Molly took a deep breath, and went to join the family. She smiled.

“Hello, everyone, sorry I’m late,” she said. The men responded, the women, Molly’s four sisters, Tink, Sue, Chris, and Sally, and Ma, glared at her. She sat down.

“Congratulations, Ma and Dick,” she continued.

“Thank you, Molly,” said Dick.

“Where’s your date?” asked Ma. Molly wanted to scream, she knew there was something she had forgotten. She opened her mouth to respond, then she felt a kiss on her cheek.

“Sorry I’m late,” said a man’s voice by her ear. Molly drew her head back, to look at the man. She saw a brown face, and brown, smiling eyes. She tried to remember if she had ever met him, she had never laid eyes on him. He was looking at her, then his eyes moved to Ma.

“Congratulations, ma’am. Molly told me that tonight is a big night,” he said, then he looked at Molly.

“I was detained at a meeting,” he continued. Molly had been puzzled by his behaviour, then she realised that he was rescuing her.

“Who is this?” asked Ma. Molly opened her mouth to reply.

“Forgive me, I’m Molly’s date, Meschack,” said the man. Everyone looked from him, to Molly. She smiled slightly. Meschack sat on the empty chair beside Molly. He smiled at her, she smiled back, then she noticed that everyone was still watching her.

“Ma and Dick are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary,” she said to Meschack. He nodded, and smiled at Ma.

“Again, congratulations,” he said.

“Thank you. How long have you known Molly?” asked Ma. Molly stiffened.

“Not long, we’re still getting to know each other,” said Meschack.

“How many dates have you had?”

“This is our third.” Everyone looked at Molly.

“I don’t see why Meschack is getting all the attention, when we’re here to celebrate Ma and Dick,” she said. The waiters brought food for all those who had arrived on time. Molly and Meschack ordered their food, then Meschack suggested that they get their drinks from the bar. Molly made their excuses, and they left. She realised that he was slightly taller than her, and lean.

“Where did you come from?” she asked.

“I was sitting at a table close to your family, and heard them talking about you and your lack of a date, before you arrived.”

“Why get involved?”

“Because I hate being taken to task for not having a woman.”

“How can I thank you?”

“Meet my family.” Molly froze in the act of picking up her drink. She heard Meschack laugh, and looked at him.

“You should see your face. Don’t worry, my parents live in town, I won’t take you to the rural areas,” he said.

“We hardly know each other.”

“Are you going to tell that to your family?” Molly looked at her family, they were watching her.

“We’d better get back,” she said.

“I’ve never been married, but I’m maintaining three children with different mothers,” he said. Molly looked at him, surprised.

“Why are you telling me that?” she asked.

“We need to act as if we know some things about each other.” They exchanged basic information and business cards, then they returned to the table. Their food arrived, and they started eating.

After the dishes were cleared, the waiters brought Ma and Dick an anniversary cake, which they cut. Everyone had a piece, then they presented gifts to the happy couple.

Everyone was surprised when Meschack also presented a gift. Everyone looked from him to Molly. It was a voucher for twelve spa days at the best spa in the country, over a year long period.

“Thank you, Meschack,” said Ma.

“You’re welcome,” he said. The party broke up. Meschack walked Molly to her car.

“I’ll reimburse you for the gift,” she said.

“I don’t want you to.”


“I gave it to someone, and she returned it. Your Ma will be doing me a favour by using it, otherwise, my money would be going to waste.”

“Oh.” Molly unlocked her car, and looked at Meschack.

“Your family’s watching, I have to hug you at least,” he said. Molly turned, her family was indeed watching. She and Meschack hugged each other, then he kissed her cheek, and opened her car door for her.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You’re welcome. Can I call you about visiting my parents with you?” he asked.

“Yes, but I don’t promise to be free,” said Molly, as she climbed into her car. He’s cute, she thought. He had short black hair, brown eyes, and the most succulent looking lips that she had ever seen.

Meschack closed the door. She opened her window.

“Drive safely, and goodnight,” he said.

“Goodnight,” she said, then she reversed, and drove off. What a sexy, deep voice, she thought.

Next day, she googled Meschack, wanting to be sure that if she went anywhere with him, she would be safe. The only information available about him was business related. He was an engineer, as his business card stated, with a good reputation.

He phoned two days later, inviting her to accompany him to his brother’s tombstone unveiling.

“Don’t you want someone you know to go with you?” she asked.

“No, I want you. Please come.” Molly agreed, then she asked for the address and directions to get there. She wanted her own transport available, in case she wanted to leave before Meschack was ready to leave.

Never having been to an unveiling, she asked colleagues what was expected of her. They all agreed that Meschack was serious about her to take her to the unveiling, and told her to impress her in-laws.

“They are not my in-laws!” she gasped. She was advised to dress respectably, and to be helpful to the women in the family.