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My Melody by Cecil R.
Women's fiction

Category: Books for Women/Women's Fiction
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My Melody by Cecil R
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Reader age rating 17+

When Melody, who is four months pregnant , is diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, the entire breast cancer research department at the local university becomes involved in her life.

The professor in charge of the department has to ask her to make the decision whether to undergo treatment and abort the baby, or refuse treatment, which will result in her death by cancer but will happily ensure the safe delivery and life for the baby. obooko.


He stopped in front of the glass door that stated Professor Ces T. Rauts Breast Cancer Specialist. As he looked at the sign he, as he did every day when he walked into his consulting rooms, lifted his eyes to heaven and said, “Thank you. Lord.”

On entering the consulting rooms he was immediately greeted by his receptionist Phyllis and the filing and accounts clerk, Cherie. He walked up to the counter and as he did every morning said, “I am sorry that I am not here if there are any problems. Please send all problems for my attention to the South Pole and when I get there I will pay attention to them.”

A smiling Phyllis answered, “I have already sent a copy of the note I sent to the Medical Association Meeting this evening stating that due to circumstances beyond your control you will not be attending the meeting and tending your apologies. Then there is also a reminder that you have to go to the PTA meeting at Saxon Primary at 18.30. I also added a note from Marian says please do not miss the meeting as twins teacher, Mrs. Julie Bain needs to talk to you about them. Those are the only notes sent to the South Pole for your attention.”

Sighing he replied, “I suppose that the twins are driving their teacher bonkers again.”

With a giggle Cherie said, “When the Marian brought them here yesterday I asked then who was who. To me they are so identical that I cannot tell them apart. I do not think that they can be separated. I have never seen a pair of twins so identical. Well when I asked who was who they turned to each other and the one said, Are you Aniline or am I Aniline. For about a minute or so they discussed amongst themselves who was Aniline and then turned to me and the one said that she was sorry but they did not know who was who all they knew was that they were either Aniline or Anilies.”

“Yes,” Prof replied, “That is their latest trick. They love to use it as it drives people mad.”

“They must enjoy doing that,” Cherie said.

“Marian reported that the school try to separate the twins by putting them in separate classes,” Prof said, “But that lasted less than a day.”

“Less than a day, what happened?” Phyllis asked.

“Well it seems as though Mr. Marais the headmaster of Saxon Primary called the twins into the office and told them that he had decided to put them into separate classes. He then said that Aniline was to go to the A class and Anilies was to go to the B class. The twins immediately began to discuss who was who. They tried to decide who was who. Apparently Mr. Marais blew his top and then pointed to the one twin and said that she must go to the A class and said that the other must go to the B class. The twins were thrilled and left Mr. Marais office immediately. Then before they had taken five steps they turned and asked Mr. Marais which one must go to which class. He apparently then lost it and yelled at the twins that he did not care which one went to which class but they must get to class.”

Prof paused and the continued, “When the bell rung for break the teachers went to the staff room where Mr. Marais mentioned his confrontation with the twins. During the discussion that followed it emerged that the twins had not been in any classes after Mr. Marais summonsed them. A search was started for the twins and they were found sitting in the toilet. When confronted they explained that they did not know what to do. They said that Mr. Marais had changed his mind as to who had to go where. At one moment he had said that the one twin must go to the Aclass and then a few breaths later changed and said that the same twin had to go to the B class. When they queried his action he had not reacted except to yell at them and tell them that he did not care where they went.”

With a long sigh Prof continued and said, “At that Mr. Marais told the twins to follow him and placed the one twin in class A and the other in class B. That was that until the next break time. When classes started again after break the twins were in the same class. Off to Mr. Marais they went. He blew and said that they were to go to detention that afternoon. With that the twins jumped up and down and clapped. They then ran up to him and hugged him thanking him. When Mr. Marais calmed them down they told him that they loved him as by putting them in detention they would be able to go home later than the normal time and therefore would not have to weed the cactus garden. They said that that was the task that Aunty Marian had given them to do that afternoon. The one twin then asked that if they were to stay together would he please put them in detention every day so that they never had to weed the cactus garden. At that Mr. Marais kicked them out of the office telling them to go to class. They went to class together and they are still in class together.”

“They seem to be very clever,” Phyllis commented.

“That is there problem,” Prof said, “They are too clever for their own good.”