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Learning To Fly by Mahlatse Mokone

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Learning To Fly by Mahlatse Mokone
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Being in love with Jesse is the best thing that's ever happened to Lucky. She has managed to fall head first into his fascinating world. But with both of their futures hanging in the balance is it possible that she could be swimming into deep water? obooko.

Sequel to 'Dreaming With Eyes Open'

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Jesse set me on my feet when we got inside; we found everyone waiting for us in the lounge. They all looked at us expectantly,

“I am here to stay” I professed and they all started cheering and laughing.

“It’s about time!” Maria said, walking over to me and hugging me and smiling,

“I second that” Angie replied, winking at me, and Jason laughed behind her.

“We’re glad you’re staying Lucky,” he said warmly

“I’m guessing we’re not out of the woods yet?” Maria asked, noticing our expressions. Jesse nodded.

“The CIA is probably going to come after Lucky, I wanted to run her to her island. Just until we can figure out how to handle this” Jesse said.

Maria and Jason nodded with understanding; I was shocked that they knew about Jesse being an agent.

“You all know he’s a secret agent?” I asked incredulously

They all laughed and I heard Jesse chuckle beside me.

“Well we live with the man, of course we know” Maria said rolling her eyes.

“Humph” I said, a little irritated that I was the only one who didn’t know anything. Jesse turned to face me.

“We don’t have much time, we can’t give Bill and his men a chance to catch us,” he said.

“We’re leaving now?” I asked, he nodded and turned to Jason.

“Get a car, you’ll take us to the airport. I’ll call my pilot and tell him to get the Jet ready, we’ll be at the airport in an hour” He instructed, and Jason flew out of the lounge.

He looked at me “Go pack little one, make any calls you want to make and leave your phone here” he said.

“Why?” I asked dumbfounded,

“We can’t have them trace us, this will buy us more time” he replied.

“Oh” I said, he kissed my forehead and left,

“Come on, I’ll help you pack” Angie said pulling me towards the stairs

We walked into my room and Angie immediately opened the closet.

“Given that we don’t know when you’ll be coming back, we better pack for a lengthy stay,” she said, scrutinizing me “But he’ll probably get you anything you need in Bermuda” She added.

I nodded not exactly knowing what to do now.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, noticing my apprehension.

“Somewhere between excited and terrified,” I confessed, she smiled.

“Try to enjoy this and forget about Bill coming after you. Jesse wont let anything happen to you” she insisted,

I smiled and nodded.

“Hit the shower sister, you don’t have all day you know. I’ll start packing for you” she said.

“Oh yeah” I said, snapping out of it and rushed to the bathroom.

I finished showering and walked out to my room, not sure what to wear; I didn’t know where I was going.

Angela had already packed two huge suitcases, I looked at the one she was packing now; it was filled with my lingerie. I raised my eyebrows at her.

“What?” she asked stifling a laugh “You have to keep the man entertained after all” she said and I blushed.

There was a soft knock on my door and I was shocked at who came in.

“Mandy, Ally!” I exclaimed, going over to hug them; there was a point when I thought I would never see them again.

“Hey Lucky, um wow we need to visit more often I see” Mandy said chuckling

“Hi, we’ve come to rescue you” Ally said “Hey Angie” she added over my shoulder. I gave them both a confused look, until I noticed they were carrying a suitcase of their own. I sighed.

“Well Jesse said he is taking you to his island, so we brought you a couple of things you might need” Mandy said, laying it on the bed and opening it.

I looked inside and the suitcase was filled with different bathing suits, sunglasses, hats and summer dresses.

“Wow” I said, that’s all I could say,

“We didn’t exactly shop a lot of these for your wardrobe, so we figured why not now” Ally said, handing me a caramel colored dress; it was above knee length and very beautiful “Go get dressed” she said.

I didn’t even notice I was still in my bathrobe, chagrinned I walked over to my closet and got dressed. I walked back out and Mandy handed me a pair of nude pumps, I slid them on.

“See, the perfect getaway look” She chimed and Ally laughed,

“I think that’s everything,” Angie said, closing the last of the suitcases.

“Thanks Angie, you’re a life saver,” I said and she gave me a smile,

Maria walked in “Are you ready?” she asked and I nodded grabbing my handbag.

“Jason and Jeffery will take your luggage to the car” she said, as I followed her out of my room, the girls quietly followed behind.

We got downstairs to find Jesse talking on his phone in a language I didn’t understand; I noted his change in clothing too. He looked gorgeous; my heart leaped Good God you’re hopeless I thought.

He hung up and took my hands in his “You look beautiful” he said leaning down to kiss my cheek “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes” I said and we all walked outside, Jason and Jeffery were putting my luggage in the Aston Martin, I noted none of them were Jesse’s.

“Don’t you have luggage? I asked and he smiled.

“No, I have clothes at the island already” he said, I raised my eyebrows at him.

Then again I shouldn’t be surprised, he said he hated the suitcase life.

I chuckled when he opened the door for me, and he climbed in the back with me. Everyone leaned in the windows.

“We are going to miss you around here” Maria said, and I squeezed her hand

“We’re going to miss you too,” I said, looking at Ally and Mandy who blew a kiss our direction.

“Remember if Bill comes here…” Jesse said, looking at Maria

“I don’t know of your whereabouts” she finished for him and he smiled.

“Take lots of pictures” Angie called out to us,

I smiled at her “I’ll do my best” and waved at everyone as Jason got in the driver seat and started the car.

We sped out of the estate towards the city “How are you feeling?” Jesse asked pulling me closer to him.

“Excited” I said, true this time around, he kissed my hair and made another call, to work maybe.

“I thought you said no phones,” I said as he hung up

“Well mine cannot be traced, I made sure of that,” he said as Jason parked the car at LAX entrance and we got out.

“I’ll make sure your luggage is on the Jet before you leave” Jason said

“Alright, thank you my friend” Jesse said and we waved him off.

We walked in and went through a terminal, I noticed then that people were staring at us; I was about to ask Jesse why when he suddenly frowned and put on his sunglasses.

I looked at him questioningly “You might want to put yours on too” he said

Confused I complied and he pointed his finger at a bunch of what looked like paparazzi came running towards us.

He took my hand “Ignore them and just keep walking” he said,

I was shocked as they started taking dozens of pictures of us, calling Jesse and asking him random questions; he didn’t say anything. I stifled a gasp as they started calling my name. I was glad I wore my glasses too because the flashing of cameras was blinding me.

We were saved when we reached the gate and walked on the airport tarmac towards a private jet, I took off my glasses and looked at it.

“I should’ve known you would own a jet too,” I teased and he chuckled

“It’s more convenient,” he said as I walked in and he followed.

My mouth dropped as I took in the interior of the jet; it had 2 beige leather recliner seats and a large sofa surrounding its length with a coffee table in the middle and a door at the back; bathroom I guessed. The interior was very luxurious.