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My Wrong Love Story by Shalu Murthy
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My Wrong Love Story by Shalu Murthy
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Sharanya's only goal was to find an appropriate job for herself. Committed, goal oriented Sharanya found herself losing her mind over Rohan, the handsome alluring mystery boy she met. Was he the one she was destined to fall in love with?


When truth dawned over Sharanya that Rohan had killed his girl friend Shreya ; her world came crashing down ... Was this her wrong love story ... will she ever trust again? obooko.

Sharanya Ashok was hurrying through the stairs. She had to reach third floor before 3.30 P.M but it was already late, the clock was ticking away merrily. She was late for her first day of networking classes she had enrolled a month earlier.

Sharan was an engineering graduate and like many other fellow engineers she was rendered jobless. Tireless hours over the internet and after multiple browsing through Naukri and Monster, she lost hope of finding herself a job. Eating and watching TV became her full time work, that after sometime, she felt she was losing her identity. She had already put on an extra 5 pounds to her ever increasing weight.

Frustration was over-ruling her optimistic attitude. She decided to do something rather than being at home. Sharanya was then a proud employee of a BPO. Again after countless hours of calling and speaking with varied customers, it didn’t give her the satisfaction she wanted to feel. Irritation and her sleep deprived body started taking its toll on her health and her attitude.

Most of the time, she skipped meal just to catch up on her beauty sleep. After 2 months of working in a BPO, she decided it was just not her in that job anymore. She quit and even before she realized what was happening, she was sitting with a bowl of pop corn and a glass of lemonade right in front of the TV.

Sharan stopped visiting her relatives and friends. The fear of being asked about her placement made her sit glued to the idiot box. She had no answer for it. One day, as she was surfing through channels, her mobile sang her favorite song. Sharan grabbed it and with a mouthful of chips, she managed to say a muffled hello.

It was her cousin Lavanya. Lavanya was doing her 3rd year engineering in a reputed college and everybody was sure she’ll end up with a good job in an MNC.

“Hey Sharan, how are u? Long time no see?” Lavanya spoke sweet.

“How come she is so sweet to me all of a sudden…There must be something…” Sharan’s mind was speaking of its own.

“Oh hi Lavanya, I’m fine. I was just a little busy. How come you are calling me all of a sudden??” Sharan spoke with a sarcastic tone.

“Hey come on, I do message you, you never respond! Aunty was telling me you were depressed about not finding a job, so I didn’t want to disturb you!” Lavanya quipped.

Sharan’s face was red with embarrassment. She was mad at her mom for speaking about her to her cousins. She had to control herself before she broke down over the phone.

Lavanya sensed the tension building in Sharan’s voice so she was quick to continue, “Hey no worries, you’ll get a good job soon. I was going past your home in my bus when I saw your scooty parked outside, so I just called.”

“Oh, that’s fine!” Sharan used all her will power to stabilize her trembling voice.

“Why don’t you try doing some computer course mean while…it might come in handy? You can search job on the other hand…what do you say? I heard networking courses are too good for job seekers now. You must give it a go!” Lavanya was waiting for Sharan’s response.

“Sounds good, will try. Thank you.” Sharan felt bad for thinking low of her cousin. After all Lavanya wanted to help.

“Alright see you soon then, take care Sharan” Lavanya ended their conversation.

There started Sharanya Ashok’s journey in finding a right computer centre for her networking course. She found one which was a little farther from home, however it was famous for its placement records and coaching. She had enrolled herself one month ahead of it.

Panting and almost out of breath, she reached her class 15 minutes late.

“Hello….huh…may I come in??” Sharanya interrupted the class.

Everybody was staring at her. Sharanya was pretty embarrassed while the entire student’s eyes were fixated on her.

“Oh you’re late. Come in early tomorrow. Please come in now!” The staff in charge was rather a serious person.

Sharanya walked inside hoping to find an empty place to sit. There was just one empty chair beside a guy. She had no other go but walked over to the empty chair and sat.

Sharanya then spoke in a lowered tone to the guy next to her. “Hey hello… I’m Sharanya. Could you please tell me what he spoke before I came in?”

And the response she got was was a long cold stare from the guy that Sharanya could almost feel he was threatening.

“I’ll tell you later” was his curt response after his cold stare.

“What a rogue!!” was all Sharanya could think of.

But fate had other plan for Sharanya Ashok…thus began her wrong love story!