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When I Wake Up by Mahlatse Mokone
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When I Wake Up by Mahlatse Mokone
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Lucky thinks she is finally going to live happily ever after with a baby and a wedding in the near future. Soon however, she comes to the conclusion that not everything is set in stone. What will transpire when she is pressured into to face her biggest fears? Is her romance with Jesse going to last forever? Or will they be wrenched apart for eternity?

Their story concludes in this two-part book, the threequel to the Dreaming series.

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My eyes flashed open at the all but familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach, morning sickness. I haven’t had it for three days now, I thought I was off the hook; guess not. My hand went to my mouth as I sat up from the bed and felt Jesse hand grasp my arm.

“Are you sick?” he asked, getting up and coming over to me. I didn’t wait for him to reach me; I rushed to the bathroom. Before I could stop him he was crouched behind me, holding up my hair.

He rubbed my back comfortingly as I coughed

“You really don’t have to stay for this, go away,” I moaned. This was so much easier when he wasn’t around, my sweet and loving husband to be.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said and I stood up walking to the counter top basin. He hugged me from behind “You did this for too long without me already”

I giggled brushing my teeth, our eyes meeting in the mirror “Yeah, because without you I just come undone” I teased. “Exactly” he said chuckling, I walked towards the door and stopped feeling a little dizzy. I gripped the doorframe

“Lucky? Are you okay?” Jesse asked uneasily, not waiting for my answer he scooped me up in his arms, carrying me back to bed.

After reassuring him I was fine, I tried to get up and get ready for work. He stopped me with his hand.

“Why are you still working again?” he asked his brows furrowing,

“Because I haven’t even started showing yet” I said rolling my eyes. I knew Jesse didn’t like the idea of me working while I’m pregnant. But spending nine months doing nothing was going to kill me. He seemed hell bent on making me a housewife, that wasn’t going to work for me.

I sighed, “What do you suggest I do when I’m not actively working?” I asked

“Anything you want.” He said, “Also taking care of my children and thinking about me all day.” He added and I snorted.

“I would still do all those things regardless.” I said, “What’s your problem with me doing this?” I asked.

“I don’t like it” he said tersely,

“You don’t have to” I replied in the same tone. He and I glared at each other for a moment “You’re going to make a splendid wife” he spat,

“And you a fantastic husband” I retorted.

Jesse and I drove each other crazy in every literal and figurative way. After a moment of silently staring each other down, we both started laughing hysterically. He fell onto the bed with me

“Well at leased I know life with you will be anything but mundane” he said

“That’s why you’re marrying me,” I teased kissing him. He smiled grabbing my waist pulling me closer. I moaned when he deepened our kiss, my breasts pressing hard against his chest.

I got another feeling in my stomach and this one didn’t make me want to puke. He suddenly pulled away

“If I continue, we’re both going to be late” he said huskily. I grabbed the back of his neck resuming our kiss

“I don’t care,” I whispered and he smiled against me.

“Oh so now you don’t want to go to work?” he breathed, and then he cupped my left breast in his palm, stroking my taut nipple through the soft satin. I threw my head back at the surge of pleasure, and he suckled at my neck.

“Too bad I want to go to work,” he said releasing me and standing up,

I stared up at him open-mouthed for a moment before my ire kicked in.

“Why you…” I said grabbing a pillow and threw it at him.

“What’s it with you and pillow throwing huh?” he asked smiling and I pouted, he sat down stifling a chuckle “You’ll get me later?”

I nodded silently, too pissed to talk. With our silly games you’d think we are children, but I guess we both got a kick out of it.

“Now lets go finish what we started in the shower, there’s still so much we can do in…” he glanced at the clock on the nightstand “30 minutes” he said. What we started normally takes all night to finish. I couldn’t help but smile as I climbed on his back and he walked back to the bathroom.

I was met by Abby in the office, I sat on my chair and she laid the sales report she offered to finish for me.

“You’re a lifesaver Abby,” I said, quickly going through it. She smiled

“Its my pleasure girl, I know you’ve been busy with your wedding. Besides I’m serving my bridesmaid duties.” She said. I chuckled

“Yeah don’t forget your other bridesmaid duties, the dress fitting is tomorrow” I reminded her.

She’s right I have been busy with my wedding, that handsome and eccentric man gave me two weeks, two weeks! to plan my wedding. But like he promised, he put Linda James on me, she and her team have been amazing. When I told her the 2 weeks allotment she laughed and said ‘typical Jesse’.

Not to mention Mandy and Ally too, they all left me with very little to do, but I wanted to take part in everything.

“I know I’m so excited, is it true that the dresses were shipped from Paris?” She asked her eyes bouncing. I smiled

“Would I lie about something like that? Ally and Mandy did internships there, so they know a couple of people.” I said. Despite my protests those girls decided to go overboard, I didn’t want to rain on their parade.

“I’d say,” She said “And your dress?” she asked,

“They refused to tell me anything more than ‘you’ll have four amazing dresses to choose from’.” I said imitating Mandy’s voice. She chuckled

“Where is the fitting actually?” she asked. “Jesse’s pad in the hills, the girls said they don’t want him peeking,” I said chuckling.

“Huh makes sense though.” She added, I told her I’d pick her up and then I shoed her away to do some work. I couldn’t concentrate though, with my big day being next Friday.

I couldn’t help but think back to the phone call I received from home 3 days ago. I didn’t tell them about the wedding date, I deliberately waited until they received the invitations. They all practically screamed into the receiver how excited they all are.

They didn’t even care that it was so soon, or was it soon only to me?

Mom, George, uncle Josh and aunt Eileen promised to fly down for the family dinner. Nicky and Jenna were flying down today; I was excited to see them. They said their flight would land at 4pm, and I offered to pick them up.

I chose Abby, Nicky and Carmen as my bridesmaids; Jenna got the maid of honor title. She’s always been there during the best and worst moments in my life; it was only fitting.

I explained to Linda that I wanted a small, intimate wedding, only a few friends and family but knowing her, it wont be short of extravagance. Picking the venue was the simplest of decisions, there was no better and beautiful place than the estate’s garden.

I’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding, and with spring around the corner it was going to be stunning. I smiled to myself

I haven’t told a soul about my pregnancy; the only people who knew were Carmen, Angie and Maria.

I didn’t know how my family was going to react to the news; I was keeping a lid on it for now. I sighed and pushed my thoughts out of my mind and opened up my laptop.

I got home and Jesse had not returned from work yet, he’d probably be here in an hour. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a quick snack; I slightly frowned.

“What? It doesn’t taste good?” Angie said walking into the kitchen smiling; I grimaced. “Damn these abnormal eating habits” I said standing up

“Well you’re eating for two now, don’t worry you’re still as thin as ever.” She teased.

“Yeah heaven forbid that I shouldn’t fit into my own dress.” I said walking towards the door “If Jesse comes back before me tell him I went to go pick up my sisters.” I called out.

I grabbed the keys to the Aston Martin and drove out.

I waited at the LAX terminal I could barely contain my excitement when two familiar figures walked towards me. I almost ran to them when they got closer

“Peaches” Nicky exclaimed hugging me first,

“Nik, my God it’s so good to see you. You too sis.” I said hugging a smiling Jenna.

“I can’t believe I’m in LA, where are the shutterbugs?” Nicky said fixing her hair; Jenna and I chuckled. “Oh trust me you don’t want that, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” I said. “Speaking of, lets get out of here before someone spots us” I added, Jesse and I were fortunate to go anywhere without them mugging us.

“Come on appearing on US Weekly cant be that bad” She teased as we collected their luggage and walked out.

“Well you’re welcome to trade places with me.” I offered and she smiled widely

“Really?” she asked and I chuckled. “Sure, but I keep Jesse” I said and she playfully frowned “I’ll still take it.” She added. They loaded their luggage in the car and got in, I drove towards a hotel to check them in. Though I wanted them to have dinner with us at the castle.

“This car reminds me of Dad.” Jenna said, amusement in her voice. I glanced at her on the rearview mirror and smiled too.

“It does.” I said, thinking back. My mind drifted to when Jesse first took me on a ride in it, how touched I was that he did that. I think I developed genuine feelings for him at that point; I first caught a glimpse of the man of my dreams. I didn’t realize that I was looking for him or that I needed him at that time in my life. Until he stole me and my heart in a dark alley. I chuckled inwardly.

“He would’ve been proud of you, little sis.” She said suddenly

“Yeah, I just wish he could’ve been there to walk me down the aisle you know” I said.

“Wherever he is, I’m pretty sure he would love that too.” She added and I nodded smiling. We continued chatting and catching up; they agreed to come over for dinner. They checked in the hotel and we drove to the estate, Nicky whistled under her breath when I pulled up on the driveway.

We walked in to find Maria in the kitchen; I was introducing them when Jesse came down the stairs. He smiled kissing my forehead before turning to greet Jenna and Nicky.

The 5 of us had a nice dinner together, talking about the wedding. Afterwards we said our goodbyes and Jesse had Jeffery drive them back. He probably wanted some alone time with me; I smiled inwardly.