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Bonded by Nicky Charles
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Bonded by Nicky Charles
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Reader age rating 17+

Bonded precedes The Mating in The Law of the Lycans series.

Lycan Link has a powerful enforcer in Reno, who finds himself captivated by Brandi. Duty, however is his first priority. On the eve of starting her career as a DC official, Brandi falls in love with Reno at first sight, but are these row really meant to be together? Is this true love or is it a case of pure lust? Does it really even matter? As a rule, DCs and Enforcers don't get along ... unless destiny has a hand in things.

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“Oomph!” The sound echoed through the cavernous room, bouncing off the cement brick walls and disappearing into the high, raftered ceiling.

Brandi absorbed the hit to her shoulder; the jarring sensation echoing through her shoulder blades, neck, and spine, yet there was no time to think about pain right now. Using the energy from the blow, she allowed it to propel her into a spin and pivoted on the ball of her foot while striking out with her other leg. She aimed the kick at her attacker’s knee while raising an arm to block his next move.

Every sense was heightened, super-tuned to the actions of her opponent. Sounds and smells bombarded her: the pounding of her heart, his heavy breathing, the scent of sweat. Even the brush of air over her skin was amplified alerting her to his slightest movement and... Damn!

As she spun around she knew the move would fail. The bastard seemed to have anticipated her actions and sidestepped just in time so her foot barely skimmed his thigh. She caught a brief glimpse of his face; amused, even smug! It made her blood boil to think he was playing with her like a cat with a mouse.

Anger fuelled her next move and she ducked low, launching herself forward and ramming her shoulder into his stomach, letting him know her inner fury. Unfortunately, the move wasn’t as effective as she’d hoped and the result was akin to running into a brick wall. He grunted and took a step back, her slight weight barely knocking him off balance. In shocking contrast, she staggered sideways, her whole body reverberating from the impact. Her lungs struggled to replenish the air that had been forced out of them by the collision and her brain was momentarily addled.

Brandi gave her head a quick shake, trying to clear her scrambled thinking and in that brief moment her opponent took advantage, grabbing her by the waist and flipping her onto the ground.

The room spun wildly before her eyes, until...

“Ahh!” Her back protested its abrupt contact with a hard surface and the air that had just made its way into her lungs was, once again, roughly expelled. She spread her fingers against the cool tiled floor, its solidity anchoring her as she struggled to bring the world back into focus, to rise above the pain that throbbed through every inch of her beaten body.

Beside her, she could sense the man dropping down to his knees, looming over her, breathing heavily. Time seemed distorted in her suddenly topsy-turvy world and dread built inside her when he didn’t follow through with another move. Was he planning further abuse against her? Her whole body cringed at the idea and for a moment she considered just staying there and admitting defeat. But even as the thought passed through her mind, she dismissed it. Her sense of self-preservation spurred her into action and she tried to scramble away even while her brain struggled to process what was going on.

The attempted escape was a pointless exercise. She’d barely moved when he grabbed her leg with rough hands and drew her back. Immediately she began kicking and flailing, a sense of satisfaction rising within her when she made contact with flesh and heard his grunt of pain.

In the end, however, it was as futile as all her other efforts had been. In seconds, he had her pinned to the ground, his weight effectively keeping her in place, the heat of his body burning right into hers. Her heart began to race as panic swelled within. Yet at the same time, age-old instincts were coming to life, filling her with a strange melting sensation and urging her to submit to the male who had finally conquered her.

No, she mentally screamed, forcing herself to ignore the feeling. She submitted to no one, not even the ancient ways of her people.

Bucking and writhing, her anger and frustration grew. Nothing she tried was working, yet still she fought against him. He was considerably bigger than her, over six feet tall and solid muscle, but giving up wasn’t an option. Her wolf was rising to the surface now as well, pawing at the restraints she kept it under. It was young and feisty, eager to enter the battle, to prove itself to the world.

No, not now, she admonished it, while struggling to breathe under the weight of the body pressing down on her. This is a human-only fight. The creature whimpered but subsided like the well-trained beast it was. At a more opportune time, she would have rewarded its obedience, however for now...

A chuckle drew her attention. Her opponent apparently found the situation amusing and his laughter was like a red flag waving before her. A growl erupted from her throat. Playing nice was no longer an option and she jerked her knee up towards his groin. He blocked the move but as he shifted to the side, she managed to free one arm and swung it towards his face. His nose, his chin, she wasn’t fussy about a target now.

She managed to land a blow to his cheek, her nails scoring his skin. Bright red trails sprang up on his face, blood spreading across the bronzed surface and he hissed in pain. The appearance of blood on his face shocked her into a moment of stillness; she’d never done that before.

Her brief hesitation proved to be her undoing. In a blur of movement, he captured her hands, twisting her arms up and anchoring them over her head. Transferring both wrists to one hand, he pressed his forearm to her throat and slowly bore down. Drops of blood mixed with the sweat that trickled down his cheek. His brows were lowered, his lips pulled back. Her gaze fixed on his white teeth and sharp canines.

Brandi froze. All he had to do was press down a bit harder and her windpipe would be crushed. She swallowed hard and a shiver skittered over her body. Never had she been this close to such a dangerous male. The lethal power he possessed was palpable and she instinctively knew a near feral wolf lurked beneath his human veneer, dominant and demanding.

The fight was over. Her attacker had won.

With his broad shouldered body looming above her and blocking everything from her view, she felt herself being transported back in time to the days when such a fight would have meant she was now his to do with as he pleased. If he wanted to, he could kill her and throw her broken body to the side or, more likely, she could find herself being ravished, mated, and marked as his own despite her protests.

Their gazes locked and at such close range she could see the flecks of grey and green in his blue eyes. Fringed with brown lashes, they seemed to search hers, looking for her secrets. She stared back seeing the hardness and determination, the wildness that hinted he’d never be truly civilized. His wolf lurked near the surface and her own beast perked up its ears in interest, almost ignoring her inner command to stay away from the untamed creature.

Unwillingly, she was being pulled to this man, drawn in by the force of his personality, by her instinctive awareness of his physical presence. The fight had left them both breathless and she could feel little puffs of air on her face each time he exhaled. Her own heavy breathing caused her chest to rise and fall, her breasts rhythmically brushing against his body. Only the thin material of their sweat-soaked clothing separated them and it did little to block the tingle of awareness she felt from having such close contact with him.

Heat from his body mingled with hers. The scent of sweat and male surrounded her and, against her will, the warm feeling rose inside her once again, ancient instincts now refusing to be denied. Her muscles relaxed, her body softened, readying itself to welcome him. She was at his mercy and strangely enough, despite her attempts to deny it, that thought sent a thrill through her. It began to coil low in her belly, making her ache for his possession.

Perhaps he felt it too, because at that moment something flared in his eyes and he leaned in closer, his nose skimming over her cheekbone, his tousled brown hair brushing against her forehead. Her chin began to lift, exposing her throat, inviting his bite. Did his hand tighten on her wrists and his hips bear down on hers? His cheek was pressed to her face. Something warm and wet licked her neck, and wasn’t that his arousal pressing against her thigh?

Her breath caught in her throat at the frisson of sexual awareness between them. His slightest move seemed amplified as he brushed against her sensitized damp skin and she found herself straining within his grasp, trying to get closer, wanting to touch, to explore. The scent of his arousal surrounded her, causing her own to grow exponentially. To her horror, a whimper of need escaped her. Did his chest vibrate with a suppressed rumble in response? Before she could decide if it was real or a product of her overactive imagination, he pulled back.

With an agility not expected in such a large man, he leapt to his feet and reached a hand down to her, his face suddenly implacable.

Brandi was stunned by the quick progression of change from aggression to intimacy to cool indifference, and blinked up at him owlishly before focussing on the hand he extended to her. After a moment’s hesitation she took it, allowing him to pull her into a standing position. Her body ached, not only from the beating it had just endured, but also from the desire that had been burgeoning within her just seconds before.

Dropping his hand, she forced herself to look away and came to a stunning discovery. They weren’t alone! How could she have forgotten that? She swallowed hard and schooled her face into a bland mask; showing weakness in a room of dominant, alpha-type males was never a good idea, especially when you were one of the few females present.

She tried to control her breathing; the exertion had left her short of breath and panting. Licking her dry lips, she grimaced at the salty metallic taste which tingled on the tip of her tongue.