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My Ghost Lover by Ify-Asia Chiemeziem
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My Ghost Lover by Ify-Asia Chiemeziem
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Jessica thought that marrying her love over the internet was the best thing that had ever happened to her until her husband paid her a surprise visit from Italy.

When James paid his internet wife a visit in Nigeria, to see her for the first time, he was shocked to hear that he had been living with her for the past couple of months.

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Things hardly went the way planned. At least to Jessica’s surmising. Time was running out and the wedding looked to be a flop. She was going to be dumped at the alter she feared.

At thirty five and she was going to be left at the altar. Not really the real alter, for she was wedding over the internet. She had met James on NooksNCrannies social network and he had proposed to her and she accepted. At her age, she had no many options. It was either the men chasing her were too young or too irresponsible. Most responsible men were already married at that age. So, when she met James, she was drawn to him by his sensible nature: the way he talked with her and his general view about life; maybe because he was a doctor. But she had come across various degenerate doctors in her lifetime. It must be his kind of person. He lived in Italy. His pictures were a dream: His finely sculpted face and full head of curly hair, the dimple on his left cheek. And he was always smiling in his photographs.

He lived in Italy. His pictures were a dream: His finely sculpted face and full head of curly hair, the dimple on his left cheek. And he was always smiling in his photographs.

He had introduced her to his adopted parents, a mixed race couple. The father was Italian while the mom was Nigerian. James was of biological mixed parentage of white and black, what Nigerians knew as half-caste. His parents were friendly too, though a little distant. They hardly spoke with her. She guessed they weren’t that used to the internet. Most old people were like that. He had a brother somewhere serving in a foreign army, in a country where he had naturalised, Canada or USA, she couldn’t remember which because he hardly talked about him. They weren’t close. Their parent had other natural children too. James said they had adopted him and his soldier brother before they started having their own children. They never knew their parents, he was sure that their mother was one of those Nigerian Italian prostitutes who got pregnant on the job and had to dump the babies fast.

James planned to come to Nigeria so they could get to know each other before the marriage. But his practice hardly allowed him enough time to stay away. He just started working as a partner in a new clinic and they were working their ass off to keep the place afloat. Then they made plans for her to come over but the visa tribulation delayed her too. So, they decided to get married over the internet while they worked out their travel arrangement. After all they had met online.

Today was the wedding day, and it was taking long for James to come on the webcam as usual. He was habitually punctual and tactful. She wanted this wedding to be over with and for her visas to be ready so that she could be in his arms for real. She knew she wasn’t going to be disappointed in him for she had seen the whole of him. He had gone naked for her and she saw every inch of him on the cam. He was gorgeous. He was of average height, sturdy and had managed to gym out strong chest and shoulders. No bulges hanging around. He had seen her nude too. She was slim with full rounded buttocks. Her breasts were palmfulls. She has pretty heart-shaped face and luscious lips. Her nose was small and her eyes