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Taken by force by Lisa Chauke
Contemporary romance

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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Taken by force by Lisa Chauke
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Logan was rude, controlling and possessive. He made rules for her and treated her like his prisoner. On top of that he was not very attractive in terms of appearance, so why was she slowly falling in love with him?

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Liana endured all that he put her through, although she tried to turn her heart cold towards this man she just couldn't and he wasn't going to let go of her.


Liana couldn’t help smiling when she opened the gate for her guest who had been hooting nonstop.

She had never seen a man so handsome before, he was tall and masculine with strong hands any woman would die to be held in. He had soft black hair and a beautiful complexion and the way he was dressed said a lot.

He was a man of style probably a man who had brought tears to a lot of women. He had beautiful brown eyes one could get lost in them, staring into them was like a ride to a beautiful place as if that wasn't enough he smiled at her wow!

A sexy attractive smile it was; the kind that lightens one up and makes them forget all their sorrows for a while.

His lips looked so attractive soft, smooth and very appealing. Wasn't there anything not to like about this stranger? She wondered. "Hi, I’m Josh Diamond", he reached out his hand to meet hers in a hand shake.

His voice sounded clear and smooth. "You must be Liana", he continued seeing the woman frozen in silent not knowing it was because his fine presence had left her in a fantasy world.

Snapping back to reality she replied him. "Yes, I was expecting you after I got my aunt's call ordering me to hand some documents and cash to you".

"That's great then do you have them with you?" "Yes", she replied staring at him not believing such beauty in a man existed, realising he was expecting her to give him more information she continued.

"Yes it’s right here", she added handing him an envelope, he opened it took out the cash and counted it. "$5000" she informed him.

"Yes it’s the right amount thank you for your co-operation I will be going now", he bid goodbye.

Liana beat herself up about not looking her best, she had worn a black long skirt a t- shirt and a hat she wasn’t looking attractive at all.

If only she had known that Josh would turn out to be such a dashing man she would have made herself look irresistible by doing her hair and wearing a sexy outfit then he would have noticed her like she had noticed him.

She didn’t know anything about that man, she never believed in love at first sight but the moment she saw Josh standing in front of her she then understood what was meant by love at first sight.