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The Eyes Tell by Lisa Chauke
Contemporary romance

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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The Eyes Tell by Lisa Chauke
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After having her fair share of heartbreaks a man came along and promised her all the love in the world, but Tiara was afraid to love or trust any man again. Little did she know that she would find herself in a situation she had never thought possible.

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The alarm clock rang constantly at the crack of dawn Tiara rose from her bed and switched it off, it was time for her to take a bath and get ready to go to school. She was a twenty year old girl who was fortunate to have both her parents, her mother was a lawyer and her father a businessman.

Her father Jack Daniels was away on a business trip, it had now been five days since his departure and she was missing him. Home didn't feel like home without him. Tiara dashed to school, she had two friends there Karin and Maya between these two her favorite was Karin. Maya was aware of that and it sometimes bothered her, “but it's only natural to have a favorite”, those were the words Tiara often used to justify her favoritism. As soon as her classes’ ended Tiara drove to Carlito’s where she worked as a waitress, she was not a girl you could call poor or rich. She came from an averaged family in terms of wealth; she was not a spoiled brat and she believed in working hard to get the cream. At Carlito’s she worked with a young man named Dylan Smith, she knew he had an eye for her but he was just too shy to make a move. Dylan had a muscular body which could be recognized from afar, he was tall and handsome, a hard worker and a friendly person, he seemed to be everything a lady like Tiara would want in a man. Tiara herself was a beautiful young woman and every man’s desire; she lit up the room whenever she walked in, turning heads. Her beautiful brown eyes, her long blonde hair and her curvaceous body was enough to make any man drool.

One day after work Dylan asked her for a lift. “Tia I was wondering if you could drop me off at Sizzle shop? I know it’s a walk able distance but I’m in a hurry”, he requested. “Well are you going to keep wondering or you will ask? I’m just kidding jump in I will be glad to help”, she replied. They were both quiet till they reached Sizzle shop, “well here you are”, she uttered as she stopped her car in front of the shop. He got out of the car and went to stand by the driver’s window.

“Thanks a lot Tiara”, “It’s my pleasure I’m glad I was able to help”. When she was about to start her car and drive away, Dylan spoke, “listen! I’ve always wanted to ask if you… eer...well would you...” Tiara was quiet enjoying watching Dylan sweat on his own. “Okay let me just ask it this way, do you want to go watch a movie with me tomorrow?” Dylan scratched his head. Tiara smiled, finally the day she had been waiting for had come, she got lost in her mind as she thought of what she was going to wear and imagining him in a seat next to hers for hours. She completely forgot that he was waiting for her to give him a reply, hearing him clear his throat made her snap back to reality.