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Will I Ever Find Him? by Lisa Chauke
Contemporary romance

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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Will I Ever Find Him? by Lisa Chauke
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Candice and her two best friends share their life experiences: the drama, the scandals and their search for love. Candice has in mind the kind of man she wants but after a couple of failed relationships she asks herself if she will ever find Him?

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She sadly stared outside the window and watched the rain make a mess outside, the streets flooded with streams of water the tree branches which the windy rain shook off the trees landed on the roads, lightning struck and the wind blew litter and tree leaves all over. “Oh”, she sighed, “there is no way I can get out of the house now”, muttered Candice. She had took all her time making sure she looked glamorous since she was to go out with her two best friends Melanie Pilgrims and Trisha Tolling.

Whenever Candice Richards was planning to go out she made sure she was dressed in her best. You can never know who you might bump into, it might be your prince charming and first impression is crucial, a girl should always look her best every time she leaves the house, that’s what she usually said every time she viewed herself in the mirror for the tenth time before going out.

The rain constantly poured down and it looked like it was going to keep on raining for a very long time. Now Candice was stuck at home and alone for that matter. Her parents lived abroad, she lived alone in a very big house and she felt alone and lonely most of the times, she had planned to escape her loneliness for a while by going out with her friends but the weather made it impossible for her to do so and she was very angry at the weather for ruining her plans.

“Oh damn! It’s in times like these that I wish my parents were home with me, why did I choose to stay behind instead of going abroad with my parents? Now I’m on my own and oh gosh I’m so alone but I guess somehow this is what I wanted ,the freedom of living alone and making my own rules and because I love it here I grew up here, my whole life is here and oh no! I couldn’t bear the thought of being apart from my friends especially Melanie I can’t imagine my life without her”, uttered Candice.

 As she was about to get ready to remove her fancy clothes to slip into her old jeans she heard a taxi pull out in front of her house and in no time she heard her doorbell ring, she ran towards the door wondering who it was, she opened the door and her face glowed at the sight of Melanie who was carrying a box of sweet smelling pizza.

“Oh Mel you have no idea how happy I am to see you but which taxi driver risked his life driving you here at such a terrible weather like this?” “Well let’s just say it’s someone who couldn’t say no to a pretty girl like me and would do anything for a couple of dollars”, giggled Melanie, “well I’m more than glad you came I wasn’t going to drive at a weather like this”, Candice embraced her best friend welcoming her to her house.