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The Town's Devil by Lisa Chauke
Contemporary romance

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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The Town's Devil by Lisa Chauke
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Paris can't let go of her wretched past, she is bitter as hell and out for revenge against all men. She believes women all over the world have suffered enough in the hands of men and is determined to turn the tables and give men a taste of their own bittersweet medicine, and with her beauty and charms she finds it easy to lure men and she chews them up and spits them out.

Her hostility towards men earns her the title 'town's devil'. Brady comes along and is warned of her wicked ways but doesn't let that stop him from pursuing her. Will she deem him worthy of giving up her crown and mission and will he manage to eradicate her enmity towards men and make her fall in love again?

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It was three am in the morning on the day of my wedding when the telephone started ringing. I reluctantly woke up to answer it; I was annoyed at whoever was calling me so early in the morning. I had planned for my wedding for one good month and during that time I never got enough sleep. It felt like I hadn’t slept in ages and so I wanted to get adequate sleep for my wedding I didn’t want to have puffy eyes on my big day. “Its three am in the morning for heaven’s sake call back later”, I grouched and hung up not giving the caller a chance to say a word.

I hopped back into bed and tried resuming my sleep but the phone started ringing again, I ignored it for a minute but it kept on ringing and ringing. Whoever is calling must have a very important and urgent reason why, I assumed as I pettishly got out of bed again to pick up the damn phone. “Hello”, I yawned. “He’s gone”, panted the male voice on the other side of the receiver. “Who?” I asked not recognizing the caller’s voice. “Trey”, he managed to say. “Trey! What do you mean he’s gone?” I asked sedately not wanting to panic. “I woke up to use the bathroom then I noticed his bedroom door was wide open so I went in to check on him and he wasn’t there I checked his closet all his clothes are gone and then I found a note for you on his bed”, Toby puffed. Toby was my fiancé’s young brother and he was to be his best man at our wedding. “What does the note say Toby?” I asked my heart pounding faster like that of a woman who had just hit the treadmill. I was panting and petrified by the unbearable thought of Trey leaving me on our wedding day of all days. “I...I...Can’t read it for you Paris; I think come over here and read it yourself”, he stuttered.

“Read the damn note Toby”, I thundered frightening the poor man and it worked he started reading it out for me. “It says: I’m sorry for running away Paris I’m a coward and you deserve better than me. I couldn’t go through with the wedding because I’m in love with someone else; I hope you will forgive me for this”, as soon as Toby finished reading the note I fainted; Trey’s note had confirmed my worst nightmare. “Paris are you still there?...Hello!”  Toby hollered. It was six am when I woke up in the hospital and found myself surrounded by Toby, his sister and his parents. “What happened, why am I here?” I asked suffering from a short term memory loss my brain must had temporally blocked out the devastating news.

“You don’t remember? Toby said you passed out in your apartment after he informed you of Trey’s disappearance”, Mrs. Mailer informed me and I wished she hadn’t because the pain came rushing back; too bad I couldn’t pass out again to escape it. “I remember now, Trey left me and ran away with another woman”, I mourned. “He’s an ass”, Brooke cussed as she held me in her arms while I sobbed. Brooke was Trey’s sister who very much adored me. When Trey proposed a month ago we had both been excited about being sisters in law. Brooke thought she would finally get a sister she never had and I had thought the same.