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Convince Me By Amaris Ricci
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Convince Me By Amaris Ricci
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Kay Cee Finnegan is a young woman working towards her goal of becoming the best Marketing Agent in the business. She was already half way there. The CEO of the company she was working for always told her she would become his competition one day and he was looking forward to it.

She worked hard and had clean fun with her friends, her parents were gone and she had no one else left.

She left work late one evening and as she was driving along, an SUV broadsided her. She barely remembers much around that time but a fleeting glance of s good looking man opening her door and whispering something.

Kay Cee believes her life is over and she will never be happy again. What she doesn’t know is that the owner of the SUV has other plans and when he puts them into motion, her life will make a complete turnaround.

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Kay Cee sat in her wheelchair and watched as her close friends who lived nearby leave to go partying. That used to be her.  The car she was driving was side swept on a wet road by a SUV and she lost mobility from the waist down. Her insurance covered all her medical bills and she received a pay-out from the owner of the SUV – Sergio Mollinero – 2.5million dollars. He wanted to give her more but his lawyer advised against it. 

“The girl can't walk, it's not enough. I want a file on her ten minutes ago.” They handed him a green folder. “She has a loan from the bank, pay it off. Give her a vehicle with a wheelchair lift. The house has a mortgage, pay it off and transfer the title.” 

“Sir, that's not within the court ruling.” 

“Non me ne frega un cazzo! She can’t work, how can you put a fair amount on that, Christ she’s only 25. Give her an account for the supermarket nearest to her, she can order her groceries online and give her a personal chef. That's it for now. Keep me updated on her progress.” 

Kay Cee was blown away by the generousity, so she paid Sergio a visit to thank him. 

“Well hello Miss Finnegan, it's nice to see you out and about. What can I do for you? Was everything satisfactory?” 

“Why?” It was a simple question but loaded with so much and the fact that Sergio knew why she asked blew her away. 

“My mother was injured in a car accident and she got nothing, no insurance, pay out, nothing. It broke my family and her heart. I vowed if I was ever responsible for anything like that I would make sure the other party was compensated.” He stared at her face for a minute.  

“You have beautiful eyes.” 

“Thank you but no man will see past them, my partner who I had been with for 5 years told me I'm useless now. I just needed to know what was behind all the things you did. Thank you for everything, have a good day now.” 

"I beg to differ, you are a beautiful young lady anyone with eyes can see that.  The court case is settled now and don't take this the wrong way. Would you like to go out on a date with me?  I promise I will be a gentleman at all times."  Sergio flashed a smile that would combust granite. 

"Me?  I'm in a wheel chair, what can we possibly do?" 

"Leave that up to me. Is that a yes?" 

"Do you pity me that much?" 

"Kay Cee Finnegan, when I hit your car, you may not remember but I got out of my car and rushed to your side.  When I saw you I said you were a wonderful creature.  So in any other circumstance and we had met, I would date you and make you my wife and give you 4 children." 

K.C blushed. 

"One of the things I admire about you is the way you handled everything.  You understood that I did not mean to hit you and didn't try to clean me out.  That's also one of the reasons I did those things outside of the court ruling.  For me there is no amount of money I could give you that would make up for that accident but if you give me a chance, I can make the smile on that beautiful face appear more often." 

"One date Mr. Mollinero." 

"Deal.  I will pick you up tonight at 6, wear jeans and a halter top oh and sandals." 

"I am already intrigued.  See you at 6 Mr. Mollinero." 

"Sergio honey." His voice dropped and sounded like a caress across her hear drums. 


K.C left Mollinero Headquarters and her driver loaded her into the van and took her home.  

At 6 on the dot she was ready and waiting.  6:30 came and no Sergio.  7 came and no Sergio.  She was about to go take her clothes off when she heard a vehicle in the driveway.  A knock on the door and Maddi answered.  Two minutes later there he was larger than life and Maddi let him in, smiling at him sweetly.  She was a sucker for a sexy face and a suit. 

"Good evening Kay Cee, first let me apologise for being late, I had a meeting at 5 and it ran until 6:30 and I didn’t have time to go home and change.  I came straight from work as you can see." 

"I thought you didn't want to be seen with me and didn’t have the heart to call and say." 

"Honey, you will learn this very quickly about me.  I don't give a rat's ass who sees us together.  I asked you out and even though my plans have changed, you are coming with me.  Where is your aid?" 

"She is in her room." 

"Tell her you are leaving and not to wait up for you.  Is there anything you need to take with you?" 

"No, I have all I need." 

"Good, go say goodnight and let's go."  Sergio stood at full height and waited for K.C to return. 

He wheeled her out to her van and loaded her into it.  He got into the driver's seat and pull away.  K.C sat in silence the whole time and watched as the city flew by.  The van turned into a quieter part of town and when the house came into view, she couldn't help but gawk. 

It looked like a 20th century mansion with storey high pillars, 2 huge oak doors with two heavy steel door knockers.  The gardens were landscaped to perfection and there was even a maze, if you please. 

"Oh wow, this is beautiful." 

"Just like you." 

"You're just saying that Mr. Mollinero." 

"If you call me that one more time I am going take you out of that chair and dunk you in the duck pond." 

"You wouldn't." 

"Try me honey, just try me." 

K.C giggled softly.  Sergio pulled up under the carport and the foyer door was opened by a warm faced gentleman dressed in jeans and a polo shirt. 

"Sir, I wasn't expecting you until later, would you like me to have dinner prepared?" 

"Something quick and easy.  Kay Cee, what would you like?" 

"Me, I eat anything on my plate." 

Milton laughed.  For the first time since he started working for Sergio here was a woman who wasn't afraid of food. 

"Wait, your name is Kay Cee?  As in Finnegan?" 

"Yes did I do something wrong?  I hope not, I can't run from the cops." 

Milton belted out a laugh and so did Sergio. 

"Oh sir I can see it now.  Come you two, I will make my best cheese n chips.  Would you like me to take her inside while you freshen up Sir?" 

"I'm tempted to say no, I may come back and be girlfriendless."  He winked at K.C. 

"Ah in my younger days and she is too beautiful to be saddled with false teeth, arthritic knees and a rubber pace maker." 

"Why does that not make me feel any better?  Kay Cee, I leave you in the capable hands of Milton." 

"Okay."  Sergio left and went to take a cold shower.  K.C smelt heavenly and the jeans were hugging her hips and he could see the swell of her breasts as she laughed and talked with Milton.  He was as hard as rock and had been hiding it with his laptop bag.  He was tempted to relieve himself but he would rather wait until he was making love to that glorious body.  The image of her laying in his bed, legs wrapped around him as he thrust into her was not helping at all. 

"Get a grip Sergio, with your way of thinking you will scare her to the depths of hell and back." 

He managed to finish his shower without mishap and when he got to the heavenly aroma coming from the kitchen, he had to take in the sight. 

K.C was wearing a chef hat and coat and she was elbow deep in flour and pizza ingredients. 

"I thought you were making cheese and chips not wearing flour!" 

"You took forever and the dough was ready and the ingredients were available." Milton chirped as he handed Kay Cee a bowl of pineapple. 

"Remind me never to let you in my kitchen again and you Milton are just as incorrigible.  I guess we are eating in the kitchen then?" 

"No sir, K.C has made up the dinner table and she has asked me to accompany you just for a little bit, she seems to like my company." 

"You've never had dinner with me before, Kay Cee, what did you do to Milton.  The stuffy old coot treats me like I'm twelve and you come in and he is all alpha male." 

Milton laughs heartily and K.C attempts to throw the pizza dough in the air and it lands on her head.  The roar of laughter that filled the kitchen was a joy to hear and Milton secretly hoped there would be more of it.  He never liked the bimbos the boss brought home. They were always in transit to dinner or to their house so fortunately no woman can say she has ever slept at the Mollinero Mansion. 

They all get cleaned up and make their way to the dinner table. 

"Gosh Kay Cee, this is lovely, thank you." 

"It was the least I could do, you have been so nice to me, both of you." 

"A refreshing change my dear girl, you have no idea how refreshing.  Now, I must leave you and clean up the kitchen, Kay Cee this has been a pleasure and I hope you come over even when the boss isn’t around, this house could use that laughter of yours.  Good night you two.”  Milton got up and left.