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Twin Affairs By Amaris Ricci
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Twin Affairs By Amaris Ricci
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Multi-Billionaire Jaison Keyes was married to his high school sweetheart Sasha. Sasha was content with the luxurious life they had but Jaison was miserable, he wanted more from life. Nothing seemed to quench his thirst for happiness and it lead to him leading a double life. What he didn’t bargain for was falling in love with Thania. The sweetest woman he has ever met, she treats him like a man, gives willingly. What Jaison doesn’t realize is that fate will bring his deceit crashing down on his life in more ways than one.

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Jaison Keyes was living a miserable life.  He thought when he married the love of his life, he would be happy.  He built his company from the ground and his success was supposed to bring some measure of peace of mind.  He sat in his living room surrounded with expensive art, furniture customised to his wife’s specifications.  He got up and went to the kitchen, he looked around and the Electrolux Grand Cuisine Professional Kitchen stared back at him like a beast waiting to devour him.  Sasha doesn’t even cook.  She saw the design on their 84” Ultra HD TV, at least that got some usage.  He knew she came from a poor family, so did he but all the flash and flair was not who he was and he just encouraged her because it made her happy.  She picked the house, remodeled it to suit her tastes and he never complained. 

He wanted more from life, he knew he loved his wife but somehow seeing her live this lavish lifestyle was not the kind of relationship he envisaged for them.  He wanted moonlight walks on the beach, movies in the Drive-in.  Pizza nights with their friends.  Sasha wanted operas, vacations in the Maldives, $4000 shoes with bags to match.  It was as if she needed these things to feel worthy of living. 

Her closet space was crammed with her stuff, his contained 4 pairs of shoes, 10 suits, sneakers, a few ties and his boxers filled one drawer.  He had 2 colognes, she had 46 bottles of perfume, some still in the box unopened.  He had one single Wen Kit that he replenished every 4 months, she had products from every leading hair care brand sold in Barbados yet she visited the salon 2 days a week. 

They never went grocery shopping, she shopped online and had the items delivered.  He wondered if a baby would change her or if she would become worse.  A baby.  He knew having a child would douse the unhappiness in his life.  The love of a child always seems to erase so many negative feelings.   He picked up his keys from the counter and made his way out to the one thing that made him happy – his Toyota Fortuner. 

He pulled into the bank and as he made his way over to the waiting area for new accounts, an ad for Halloween costumes came over and he got it in his head he would purchase one and be someone else for a change.  He set up the account for Sasha and transferred a million to it.  He would replenish it every year depending on how she spent it. 

He left the bank and made his way up Broad Street and decided to stroll through town and look for a few buildings to buy and expand his holdings.  He already had about 40 buildings rented out and a few more wouldn’t hurt. 

Jaison was not only a real estate agent, he owned a refurbishing company that specialized in old buildings.  Every time he saw one, he bought it, fixed it up and rented it out.  He was a rich by 30.  His mother had made sure he stayed in school.  She worked night and day to send him to college and when he got his Masters all the money she managed to save, bought the first building.  She died of cancer when he was 28.  She never regretted having him and she was never bitter toward his father.  She understood fully his actions and concentrated on her son. 

Jaison came across an old building in Tudor Street that was aching for his touch.  There was no for sale sign so he called his secretary and gave her the location and when she found the owner what offer to make.  He frowned at the homeless people sleeping outside and wondered where they would go when the construction began.  He made a mental note to start a soup kitchen in the area, at least they wouldn’t be hungry.   

Then it hit him.  He would forego the costume and go undercover as a travelling salesman.  He went into a factory outlet and purchased some worn jeans, coloured dress shirts still in the plastic, a brief case and a few old ties. 

His mind was racing when he thought of the possibilities his new persona could bring, he could live two lives and no one would know.  He remembered he had an empty office space in one of his buildings and it was great for his cover.  He purchased some office supplies and in a few hours his new office was ready.  Jaison Keyes was now…… Jay King.