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Fire Dove By Amaris Ricci
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Fire Dove By Amaris Ricci
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Inan Deluna – twenty-eight – was a humble woman, married with two children, Salmai 6, and Graegori 8. Her husband Brandt, 32, was on his way to becoming a very rich doctor. He was contracted to head a medical research team and they would be leaving soon. Inan was a stay-at-home mom, dedicated to her family and was looking forward to a change of scenery. One morning Brandt sits her down after she comes back from taking the children to school.

“I'm not taking you with me. I'm in love with one of my interns and I'm taking her. The house is yours and whatever is left in the accounts.”
“Okay, I hope she makes you happy.”
“She does and we are expecting our first child.”
“Well goodbye then.”

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Inan never cried, showed any anger. She got up and went into the kitchen to prepare for the children's dinner. Brandt left the house stunned he expected resistance, a tantrum, a shouting match, he full expected to leave with cuts or bruises. Which goes to show he never knew the woman he married. Inan stopped and stared at the empty house. She had to be strong for the children. She had to get a job and keep a roof over their heads. She finished prepping for dinner and logged into their joint account. She had over thirty thousand to play with before Brandt changed his mind. She transferred the entire amount to her own account which he knew nothing about. She would visit the bank and close off both accounts and put the cash into government bonds and put them in a deposit box. She quickly loaded all his expensive items into a box and went to all the pawn shops. She returned with twelve thousand in cash. She called a realtor and put the house up for sale and requested a smaller one for her and the children. After she finished dinner she tried to think of what else she could sell to get money. His private stash or so he thought. He had built a storage bin into the floor of the basement and Inan found it one day while she was cleaning. Bastard never locked it. She ran downstairs pushed the chest away. Jackpot. Twenty-five thousand in cash, bonds valued at fifty thousand, a platinum watch and a pair of diamond studded cuff links. She put them in a black plastic bag and went back upstairs.

She called back the realtor and said she didn't need the house anymore she was relocating and she would leave a cell phone number where she could be reached when the house was sold.

She sat and waited until the children came home.

"Evening Mom. When is dad coming home I need him to help me with my homework." Said Salmai.

"Sit down I need to talk to you."

Both children sat down at once.

"Dad left us."

"And this is a problem for us how?" Said Graegori.

"I agree mom, with Dad gone you can be happy and we can finally have some fun around here."

"Oh I love you two so much." She hugged her children.

"Would you like to relocate and start fresh?"

"Sure where would we go?"


"An island? We get to live in the Caribbean? Awesome. We can go jet skiing on weekends, parasailing, glass bottom boating, on the submarine. When can we leave?"

"Slow down now, you have two more weeks before summer starts. I have some phone calls to make. I already put the house up for sale and we can get a small one suitable for us when we get there. Now we have to cut down on lots of things, we don't have dad's income anymore."

"Not a problem as long as we have you we will be okay. What will you do for a job though?'

"That is what I need your help with. What do you think I should do?"

"Mom, you aren't thinking. How many events have you planned in the last year alone?"

"Oh how did you get so smart?"

"I have your brains."

"Okay so event planning and management it is. I will need to get some stuff here before I leave so I can start as soon as I get my documents. In the mean time I have made all the applications I need to make. I want to leave the second week in the summer, by then we would have sold all our winter gear, the furniture, everything we don't need. We can buy second hand stuff when we get there, is that okay?"

"Mom, we are fine, the only reason we have so many things is ‘cause dad wants to look like he's rich, we don’t care for that stuff."

"Well great then, it's Friday, we can watch a movie and eat popcorn. Tomorrow we are having a yard sale, so before you go to bed, put out the things you really don't need and whatever money you get for them is yours to keep, Okay?"

"No mom, you need it right now, you can have it."

"Oh I plan to sell whatever your father left, so I will have all I need to get us on the way. You can open accounts and I will put some change in it every month. Let's go, we have a long day tomorrow."