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Scorched By Amaris Ricci
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Scorched By Amaris Ricci
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Filthy rich Jared Greene puts humanity to the test. He dirties his face after letting his beard grow and puts on some old clothes. He sits outside a well known law firm and begs for food. An entire day passes and when he is about to give up hope, Rayna Farerah invites him to her house for dinner. She lets him use the bathroom to clean up and gives him some of her late husband clothes. She doesn't ask why he is living on the streets. She feeds him and offers to let him sleep in her garage. Jared is humbled beyond anything. How can he tell this woman who risked her safety to feed, clothe and provide shelter for him, that his closet is bigger than her kitchen?

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Jared was raised on a farm, in the Parish of St. Andrew. There were fruit and vegetables being grown for the family and for sale. Jared loved wake up when the rooster crowed at 4:30, he would dress in his boots, jeans and t-shirt and collect the eggs, milk the cows and by the time the sun was up he would be picking local herbs for his mother to cook with that day.

The Greene house did not look like a typical ranch or farm house. It was done in country style but with a bit of a modern flare. When he first saw the property, he fell in love with the style of the house. It was two floors with a master bedroom, four bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and one bedroom, a bathroom and a wash room downstairs. The outside had been originally in white but Mrs. Greene hared white and she decided she would go with green. There was a mass of Hibiscus, Frangipani, Sunflowers, Joseph Coat and Croton but what Mrs. Greene really loved the most was her Snow on the Mountain. She planted it strategically all over the property and it bloomed around Christmas time. The entire house was board, with the exception of the bathrooms. The windows were single hung sash but Mr. Greene added shutters for the hurricane season. The porch stretched from one side to the other and Mrs. Greene kept it in immaculate condition especially for her tea parties. Over the years they maintained it well and hardly ever had to do much repairs.

Jared always had the best but he also worked harder than any of his other siblings. His parents taught him how to run the farm and keep the accounts up to date and would go down into town to deliver the produce with his father three days a week. He was the eldest of 4 children and the only boy, being 4 years from his first sister and the other two were three years each behind. They adored their big brother and he felt the same.

“Jared honey go with the girls down to the beach today, Dad and I want to go into town and pick up some supplies, a storm is brewing and we don’t want to get caught.”

“Yes ma. Jada, Jinx and Josia are you ready? I’m only calling you once then I’m outta here.”

Down the stairs thumps of footsteps could be heard as all the girls scrambled their way out to the truck.

“We’re ready Jared.” Three girl voices chimed.

“Do you have everything? Towels, change of clothes, food and drink?”

“Yes ma.

“Okay then be safe and don’t hassle your brother, he’s bigger n all o ya.”

“Yes ma.”

The girls hopped into the truck oldest in the front the other three in the back and waited for Jared to come out.

“Look after my babies or don’t come home.” Mrs. Greene smiled at her handsome son.

“I promise ma. Be back by 6.”

“No come home earlier in case the storms shows up.”

“Okay, love you bye.”

Jared ran out to the truck and hopped in. He gunned the engine and tore out the yard. At 24 Jared was pegged to be the sexiest man in the parish of St. Andrew. He was tall, always sporting an almost completely shaved head, his muscles rippled under his shirt when he was working. The ladies used any excuse to see him and the excuse was usually the Greene sisters. The girls got invited to every event in the hope that they would show up with Jared in tow and being the big brother with a license he always did.


“Ma says a storm is coming so we have to back early, don’t make me have to come looking for any of you, we don’t need to worry her okay.”


“Yes J.”


When Jared pulled up to Long Pond and already there were tons of teenagers there. Some were in the pond section and somewhere lounging on logs and old benches, others were sitting on the backs of old trucks drinking and talking.