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Tables Turned By Amaris Ricci
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Tables Turned By Amaris Ricci
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Advisory reader age 17+

Barbadian Feona Rawlins has made her fortune selling ideas. She has clients all over the world. She doesn’t have many friends, and the few she does have, are rich just like she is. She did the most degrading thing anyone in her circle could ever do; fall in love with the most unsuspecting person; her overweight handyman.

Her friends are livid and extremely criticizing. They believe he is beneath her and not worth her time. They even go as far as to discredit his name among some of his clients. It’s only then she realises she has lost touch with who she is. At the age of 35 she is tired of the high life and Tobias is perfect for her. He is genuine in his way of life, he showers her with gifts from the heart and at the risk of further alienating her friends and family, she accepts Tobias’ proposal of marriage.


Tobias Grant, the best handyman you could ever want around your home. He is quiet and humble. Feona wanted to make some changes around her house. She needed to make it look like a home and not just some place to sleep. She was browsing through the Nation Newspaper and she saw a classified ad and dialed the cell number.

“Grant Services, how can I fix you today?”
“Hi, my name is Feona, I’d like you to take a look at my house, I need some work done. Are you available today?”
“Sure, where are you?"
“Atlantic Shores, Christ Church.”
“Lucky you, I’m in Oistins with a client, WhatsApp your directions to this number and I will be there in about 10 minutes.”
“Okay thank you.” She hung up, saved his number and sent the information

About 10 minutes later she is standing outside with her cell in hand, resting on the fencing and a navy green Nissan Pathfinder shows up. The driver stops at the gate and gets out. Tobias already has wealthy clients and the size of the house has no effect on him at all.

“Good morning are you Feona?”
“That’s me. Don’t park out there, come inside the gate, this will take while.”

Tobias gets back into the truck and reverses into her driveway. He gets out once again and follows Feona to the open door. He smiles at the way her hips sway and the caress of her dress across her legs as the wind blows gently. Her skin is dark, smooth, clean and thoughts of licking droplets of water off her as she steps out of the shower cloud his mind. Her hands are slender, and when she reaches up and lifts a lock of her hair, Tobias pauses. What’s wrong with him?

Feona turned away quickly not because she wanted to get the meeting over with but Tobias was very good looking. She could smell his cologne wafting through the air when he first got out of the truck. She was trying to act all professional but it just wasn’t working.

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