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Passionate Beast By Amaris Ricci
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Passionate Beast By Amaris Ricci
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Advisory reader age 17+

Marcus Waithe is looking for the ultimate woman. Up to this point in his life he has subjected himself to spineless gold diggers who would put up with physical and verbal abuse just to be in good social standing and of course the perks that come with being his sex object. He decides to stay away from relationships altogether until he finds the woman who compliments him in every way. Samantha Gamble saves him from being mugged but she disappears and their next meeting not only brings Marcus to his knees but Samantha is about to have her world rocked in every way possible.


Most millionaires love to show off their wealth but Marcus Waithe was a humble man who made an honest living by providing women with a product they can trust. His parents died in a car accident when he was 19 and they had instilled a sense of worth in him that he has not forgotten. He was determined to be the kind of man they not only wanted him to be but to live by example. He finished college at 20 majoring in Biology. He also studied Food and Beverage Management, Physics, Aesthetics and Chemistry. He started working at a department store promoting ladies products and the CEO just happened to notice there was always a crowd of women at his sample booth no matter what time of day it was. He stood in a corner and watched in awe as Marcus worked. No matter what was being sampled that day, sales went up by at least 30%. He called Marcus into his office at the end of his first week. He could sense the apprehension in the young boy and he decided to have some fun with him.

"Have a seat Marcus, I wanted to have HR here but I think what I have to say trumps anyone in my employ."
"Sir? Did I do anything wrong? If I did I apologise and I endeavor to correct my mistake."

Mr. Tuscanni smiled inwardly. This was going to be a cinch.
"I realise you have a way with the ladies, I don't pay you to flirt, I pay you to promote the products in my store."
"Sir, if I may be blunt, the ladies don't come to buy the products, they come for the attention I give and the products are just a bonus to make themselves feel good. From what I understand, sales for each line have gone up by over 25% since I came to work on Monday. If the end result is to actually sell the product my flirting won't hurt anyone."
"What would you like to do with your life Marcus? If you can convince me that honest success is in the forefront of your mind I will personally see to it that you achieve it. You have 3 minutes. Go.""The products you sell are not made for everyone, I want to create a ‘one product suits all’, so no matter who she is, where she works or what she is doing, she will 'feel' like a woman. Women control the market not always with money but a mere suggestion that a product is worth buying and sales will increase daily. That is my goal."
"I will setup a lab here and provide you with the best scientists in this region. You have 6 months, you will present the product to the board and if they approve I will fund everything for one year, after that you are on your own. Give me a list of what you require and we will be ready in 2 weeks."
"Will you retain the rights to the line, how much is the pay back and in what time frame?"
"Everything will be handed over to you after a year, if the line is successful, I will take 25% of sales during that time period."
"How soon can I see the contract?"
"Contract? Word of mouth is fine by me."
"In that case I cannot accept your offer. Have a good day sir." Marcus stood up to leave.
"You are smarter than I thought Marcus, if you had said okay to no contract I would have sent you back to work in the booth. You will have it in 2 days." "Thank you for your confidence in me sir, I promise I will make you proud."
They shook hands and Marcus floated back to his both where a hundred ladies were waiting to be pampered.

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