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The Fight of Love’s Past. By Amaris Ricci
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The Fight of Love’s Past - Amaris Ricci
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Pierre has followed in his father’s footsteps and is now the youngest doctor in Barbados.  At 18 he is not only works alongside is father at the clinic but he is now a qualified surgeon.

His family unit is strong and they have faced quite a few trials along the way but they always manage to overcome them and stay together. As always, life throws you curves and without a close knit family to keep you safe, it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

A severe stabbing victim is brought in by ambulance and Pierre was the only one on duty suitable to handle her case.  He manages to save the woman and during her recovery period he has become her friend.

Excerpt from the book:

“Come on guys we are gonna miss our plane!” Sofea yelled at her family as she bounced down the driveway to their car.

The Cavello family was preparing to leave for Italy. Genai’s good friend and business partner Fernando was dying and he asked his wife to get Genai there as fast as she could. Not wanting to expose Sofea to the likes of her father but knowing she could not stop it, she asked Pierce if they all should go as a family trip.

“Do you still love him?” Pierce asked softly.

“I love him because he gave me Sofea, that’s about as far as that goes. The love I have for you is different, even what I feel for Fernando. The thing is you took my heart and you still have it. Tylan could never belong to me and Fernando was never a choice. I am not afraid I will fall back into his arms, which was never my concern. I just don’t want his way of life to influence Sofea, you are the only father she has ever known other than my own father. I would never jeopardise that.”

Genai walked into Fernando’s house with her family in tow.

“Genai! I am so glad you are here and you brought all of them that is wonderful. Come, into the dining room, Felicia has made lunch for you all. Genai, Fernando wants to see you in a hurry, I don’t think he will last much longer now you are here.”

Before Genai could say a word, Anella pushed her up the stairs and into Fernando’s room.

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