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Love Unfounded. By Amaris Ricci
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Love Unfounded - Amaris Ricci
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Reader age rating 17+

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Sometimes we look for love, others times love finds us.  The hardest thing in life is to put your trust in someone not knowing how they truly feel and sometimes when they tell us - to believe means we are susceptible to getting hurt.

Victor knew how to twist people for his his own benefit but underneath all that he refused to admit he had feelings for anyone.  He took whatever he could from whoever and wherever he could.

But in the end no amount of money could make up for all the bad things he did.
Excerpt from the book:

The Grant and Carrington families made their way to Grant House. They were all exhausted. With the news reporters following them and people stopping them in the street asking all kinds of questions, they just wanted to be alone. The children wanted ice cream, so they had stopped at the Gas Station and Tobias got out to get it. It was there he saw Sherry. “Hi Tobias.” “Sherry. The children are out in the car you can go say hi.” “I’m drunk, I will see them another day.” “It’s 2 in the afternoon and you are drunk. How are you getting home?” “My boyfriend will take me.” “Okay, see you.” Tobias got the ice cream from the freezer, paid for it and left with his family.

“Bitch, let’s go, I don’t have all day.” “Slow your roll Vic, I’m coming, geeze.” Victor was Sherry’s boyfriend. They had been together for years and he supplied Sherry with drugs and alcohol and she had sex with him whenever he wanted. He never slept at her house and she was adamant about that. Her children were never to be subjected to the likes of him and she didn’t want to face Tobias with yet another issue or her making. She had taken Feona’s business proposal and she was now the owner of a food van. Business was so good she had to purchase 2 more vans and hire six more people to work. She cooked the food on mornings and they packed up the van and went out looking for sales. The vans always came back empty.

It was only when she found out she wasn’t the only one he was sleeping with, that she also found out he was bisexual or so it appeared. She had gone to his old apartment one night when the children were with Tobias and using her key she unlocked the door to find Victor sitting naked in the living room while another man and a beautiful woman were having wild sex on the floor. She confronted them only to find out she was the outsider and they had been involved in these acts for years. What they didn’t tell her was that Victor only liked to watch.

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