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Nerynth - Change of The Six. By Amaris Ricci
Free Paranormal Romance Book

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Nerynth - Change of The Six - Amaris Riccii
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A Nerynth is a silent killer.  Capable of every kind of power unknown to man.  He lives for 400 hundred years and when he takes a mate, they have a baby and die together. Sometimes things don’t happen as they should and in the correct order but they always turn out right in the end.

He is the man driving your children to school, the construction worker, the gardener trimming your expensive rose bush, the policeman who saved your life……….. he could be anyone and you would never know.  He has an everlasting source of money yet lives a humble existence with the woman who stole his heart.

Excerpt from the book:

“Triduite, I am Nerynth Give me Sight.” The Jade cube glowed and lit up the entire room. The hybrid staring at it was known as Jacobi Carter, 4th in line to inherit powers from his ancestors. As he stared into the Triduite, he saw the woman who would become his wife. He had 3 days to complete the process and all he needed to do was convince her that she was made for him. That will take a miracle in itself but hey he was a Nerynth.

Arissa McCrea was an average young woman, single, good job, lived alone, only had one lover. She was perfect. Jacobi watched her as she crossed the park and into the restaurant she frequented every day. He crossed behind her and when he pushed the door she was 3rd in line to order. He stood behind her and waited patiently. When it was her turn, he stood closer to her, so when she turned she would bump into him. Too predictable. She placed her order and took the items but when she turned, she emptied her juice onto his lily white shirt ...

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