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Perils of Candy Cuthway. By Richard Shekari
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Perils of Candy Cuthway. By Richard Shekari
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Candy Cuthway is a young and vibrant woman who finds herself ensnared in a web of fantasy, as circumstance leads her to an intriguing confident stranger who transforms her life with the delights of style, romance and vanity. He places the rare sweet nectar of desire at her feet. But is he divine, or merely a distraction from her main mission?

Excerpt from the book:

‘Where would I be in the next few years? Probably with three kids, and who would be their father, I wonder. Where would I live? In a big mansion or a small beautiful cottage, and would it be by the riverbank or in a big city? I wonder if there would be a future between me and Jake. Well, as they say; what will be, will be. The future is not mine to see!’

“Future…Oh my God! Mellissa and Laura will kill me!” said Candy Cuthway as the waves of reality nuked her off her stargaze. She hurriedly put her diary in her bag, for this isn’t the first time its rich contents have been abruptly interrupted by a more pressing matter.

“Tessy! Wait for me!” she yelled at her colleague as she switched off the light on the table of her cubicle and ran out of what she regarded as a prison of an office, one of the modest spaces of RSL & Partners, a real estate firm within the busiest streets of Nottega, her dream town.

Candy and her passive colleague finally managed to rock their body to a pop song playing on the car stereo, as they drove through town in the red minivan.

“Now, jokes aside Candy,” Tessy said, “we’ve known each other for like two years, right? Don’t you think it’s time you’ve settled for marriage”

“Tessy you got married at what? Thirty four, am I right? Come on, I still got time! Plus, it’s not that I’m desperate or anything! So, chill, okay!” said Candy as she stared at Tessy in disdain.

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