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A Life Lived.
By Amaris Ricci

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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A Life Lived. By Amaris Ricci
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Every choice we make has a consequence. Most of the time, we never think about what could happen if..... and even when our thoughts nag us into a possible outcome, we totally ignore it.

Tylan V. made the choice to become one of the most successful businessmen in Italy.  He made the choice of being intimate with a woman who he had no intention of making a future with.  He also made the choice to walk away from the family he created.  At the end of his life he had one more choice to make and that was to make up for all the bad choices he made and the good ones he will always be remembered for.

Excerpt from the book:

Tylan was born to one of the most exotic creatures in Italy. Anella Vincenzo took your breath away and kept it until she was out of eye sight. Men fell at her feet, bought her expensive gifts, hoping to sample just a kiss. Fernando Marcello was no different, from the moment he saw her, and something in his heart shoved him into action. He never thought he would fall in love, never thought he would be the first and only man to touch her and he surely never thought he would be the only man to break her heart and leave his son.

Tylan was a mirror image of his father, the kind of man women would sell their soul just for him to say hi. He could walk up to any woman and she would do what he wanted after just a smile. He loved his parents, he longed to share the bond they had with that one special woman but she came into his life too soon and left even sooner. Tylan V followed in his father’s footsteps but his life took a wrong turn and it was something he could never recover from.

From Chapter ONE:

Fernando was captivated by the young model, she had this innocence about her not ever associated with that profession. He listened to the photographers, designers, the crew and everyone said the same thing ….. she was the sweetest thing to hit the runway. She never pretended to be who she wasn’t and when she said no, it was no.

She was tall and slim, her hair looked like silky black rope and her skin was as dark as the darkest chocolate.

Anella appeared at the front desk of M-Studios and as she was about to ask if anyone had seen a sexy young gentleman wearing a white shirt, a voice whispering in her ear made her spin around.

“I want more than breakfast.”

“No. You get what you asked for. Let’s go.”

Fernando smiled and followed Anella out of the studio

“Is this your car?” She pointed to the blue Maserati convertible, Parked neatly in a reserved spot outside the studio.

“Yes it is.”

“I’m driving, keys please.”

Fernando fished out his keys and handed them to her. She unlocked and opened his door. He got in, she closed it and made her way to the driver seat.

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