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Dinner For Two.
By TM David-West

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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Dinner For Two. By TM David-West
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Theodore Malik is an average-income earning Nigerian in love with millionaire heiress, Kome Douglas. They share same office building... but that's about as much as they have in common.

How does he win the love of a woman way above his social class?


The thought of her made his heart skip. It literally did—each, and every moment, he thought of her. And he thought of her often, literally every single minute of the day.

She was his star, his moon and his sun. She truly was.

She was beautiful. Completely and utterly so. She was tall as a runway model, slim as willowy flower tree and pretty-faced as a real-life Barbie doll. Her face was heart-shaped, a rich creamy brown like the rest of her skin, and without-an-iota-of-blemish flawless. Her eyes were large, wide and brown like the colour of cocoa. Her nose, the most perfect part of her face, was small and straight. A perfect miniature that was well-sculpted. Then she had those full lips that were round and supple with their usually tempting red colour that made him dream of kissing her… all the time.

She was a beauty. And she was also a millionaire heiress.

Theodore sighed and switched lanes. She was his dream woman and she was totally out of his reach. That didn’t stop him wishing and dreaming though. That didn’t stop him thinking about her. He didn’t need to have her within sight range to think her. He only needed to wake up to have his thoughts flooded with her. He only needed to breathe to feel the hum of desire that whistled through his heart. She was his secret desire. A wishful dream. That one miracle he prayed for and knew, deep down, would never be a reality.

He pulled into the Union Marble House parking lot and Theodore felt his heart leap. It couldn’t have been any lesser a leap than that of John the Baptist when he encountered Jesus from his mother’s womb.

There she was, pulling into one of the car ports. One specifically designated for her, he knew.

Lucky morning to have them arrive at same time. Theodore stopped his Honda Accord and watched as she opened the door of the smooth pale ash Mercedes GLC and got down.

Perfect, as usual.