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Love's Abandon: Complete Series
By C. D. Samuda

Category: Romance Books, eBooks & Novels
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Love's Abandon - Complete Series. By C. D. Samuda
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A love that knows no bounds. Love's Abandon is a three book box set, a love story of an interracial couple facing not only discrimination from the man's father, but a greater threat of evil.

Chase and Maggie are in love and like any ordinary couple, settles down to a nice quite life, until Chase goes missing while on a business trip.

When he suddenly returns in the middle of the night, seemingly unharmed, Maggie breathes a sigh of relief. However, things are about to take a heartbreaking turn when Chase breaks their relationship the very next morning, returning to the life he left behind.

Maggie is devastated and confused. Out of her mind she goes into depression, until a phone call gives her the courage she needs to fight.

Something isn't right and Maggie is not about to let Chase marry a woman he swore he detested just for the sake of a merger. Things start to take a dangerous turn the closer she gets to the truth.

Will Maggie give up or will she risk her life to save a man who supposedly broke her heart? Find out the truth of Chase's betrayal in this romantic suspense.

Warning: Mild language and subdued romantic scenes. All three books included.

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Tedium was about the only thing Chase McMillan feared, but that was about to change. His life was about to change.

With droopy eyes, he scanned the horizon, contemplating returning to shore. Bored and agitated, he groaned in displeasure, giving an equally discontented sigh. It’s been only a few hours since the Chasmac, his three hundred foot yacht set sail, but he was ready to turn around the vessel. Work would be a welcome reprieve to the drabness offered onboard.

Seven long days. Whatever had possessed him to plan such an outing! The yacht usually sailed only weekends, but being his birthday, he’d planned this exclusive vacation.

With a deep longing for something new, something different, he leaned against the rail on the captain’s bridge. The heat from the metal scorched his bare forearm, sprinting up his arm. This, he ignored as the dullness threatened to overwhelm him.

He’d gone to see the captain for no reason in particular, other than for something to pass the time. Since they’d been at sea, he’d been nothing but restless. Questioning his plan to cruise for the seven straight days, he clenched and unclenched his jaw. An extreme bout of the doldrums threatened to send him over the edge.

Brittany, who should have accompanied him, was attending to business and could not make it aboard. He hated calling her his girlfriend, although they’d known each other for four years, officially dating for one. It wasn’t his doing. He would have much preferred to keep things casual. Both their parents expected more, and that ‘more’ might end up happening.

He gritted his teeth against the thought, trying to console himself with the idea of a multibillion-dollar business deal. That’s what this relationship was leading to… making more money.

Brittany’s father, Antonio D’Morne, was one of the top successful oil barons in the world. The man had bought the mining rights in one of the most lucrative areas in Kuwait. His only daughter was the sole heir to his estate, as well as being the CEO of the North American branch of their company.

He didn’t mind her being absent. It wasn’t as if her being there would have made much of a difference to his mood. Of course, she would have offered some amount of distraction and act as a shield to those he was trying to elude. The reason he liked her was that she was different. Unlike the other women in his circle, she liked having fun and was not afraid to get into a little trouble.

Her being absent, however, gave him too much time on his hands with nothing to do but watch the patrons binge on food and drink. Though the cruiser was originally meant for his personal use, he much preferred it earning its keep. One weekend on the Chasmac was anywhere between two hundred and three hundred and fifty thousand dollars per cabin.

Even the thought of making twenty five million dollars per weekend was not appealing to him as he squinted up to the glaring afternoon May sun. There were countless females on the yacht, most of whom he’d “dated” at one time or another, so there was no shortage of female company.

He could easily find someone with whom to pass the time. It wasn’t as if he and Brittany were married, though the parents were pushing in that direction. He couldn’t blame his father for that. A marriage between the two wealthiest heirs in Florida would mean a listing on the top five hundred wealthiest families in the world.

He snickered at the thought of settling with any one woman. If there was such a woman, he hadn’t met her to this day. Still, he felt completely and utterly forlorn without the attention of the female species. On the other hand, he was getting bored with the ones he knew.

“I must be losing my edge,” he mumbled as he gazed over the expanse of the Atlantic.

He sighed, raking his hand through his neatly cropped raven hair in frustrated fatigue. Lazily, he dragged his eyes along the lower deck where there was chatter and the occasional laughter. With a smirk, he closed his eyes for a second. He’d just about had enough of the group when a server came into view. She was skillfully hovering a tray on the tips of her fingers as she maneuvered through the small crowd.

Her short black skirt fitted snugly against her hips and his eyes glued to her curves. Below the hem of the skirt, he made out long slender honey-colored legs. His gaze cruised the swing of her hips, traveled south to her shapely legs, and returned north, hoping to see more.

Long dark brown tresses obscured her face from his view. He kept his eyes on her until she emptied the tray and returned to the direction of the main dining room. As she shuffled through the gathering, he watched, hoping to get a glimpse of her face. It wasn’t to be.

“Oh well,” he grunted, straightening himself.