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The Blood Between Us - Daniel Devine
Kiss and Cry By R. Lorelei
Winter Solstice, Winter.By E. J. Squires
baby be mine - wanitta praks
Wraithsong. By E. J. Squires
Emmaline Waters, This Is Your Life - Maggie Bloom
Secrets by Charmain Callaway
Thistle - Violeta Milovanovic
Broken Toy - Amaris Ricci
The Fight of Love’s Past - Amaris Ricci
Nerynth - Change of The Six - Amaris Ricc
Bewitched by Madam Witch -  wanitta praks

This is the lead paragraph from Caudy Conn's historical romance Taffeta & Hotspur : ‘Taffeta looked out the window as their well-sprung carriage rumbled languidly over the country road. It was a cool spring day, and the air held a fresh, crisp scent. She looked at her brother and uncle across from her. Although she could see they hadn’t paid the least heed to the sweet breeze as it wafted through their open window, she breathed it in and prepared for battle. “Don’t pout, Taffy! It ain’t like you, and it won’t change my mind,” snapped Lord Nigel in a tone obviously meant to be suitably firm and effective.’