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Payback By Eve Rabi
Burn's World: A Love Triangle - Eve Rabi
Gringa: The Beast of Mexico - Eve Rabi
Gringa: Taming the Beast - Eve Rabi
The Devil is a Woman - J. M. Munro
The Black Tide By David Antonelli
Crimson Midnight. By Amos Cassidy
Stories Varied. By BS Murthy
I See You. By Tina Mag
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Here is a snippet from Charmain Callaway's free historical romance ebook, Secrets : ‘He touched her cheeks, allowing his fingers to stroke her hair. He loved touching her hair. “A few weeks, maybe more. I will take Sinclair and Ned with me.” He knew she was unaware of the amount of flour on her face, gown and in her hair. But to him, she looked beautiful.Seeing Sinclair standing in the hall, he gave his wife a quick kiss and headed toward the courtyard. “Try not to find any trouble while I am away,” he called as he slipped past the door. Rebecca tapped her foot. As if trouble comes looking for me!’