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 With and Without You by Lowry Pei
From the Next Room - Lowry Pei
Montana Sunset by Lietha Wards
Montana Sunset: Mitchell's Story by Lietha Wards
The Path of Dreams - Eugene Woodbury
Truth and Consequences By Esther Minskoff
Celtic Evil: A Fitzgerald Brothers Novel: Ian by Sierra Rose
Tanaquill by Akalle
The Makings of a Good Man by Lietha Wards
The Mercenary's Conquest by Lietha Wards
Loves Flight Path by Max M. Power
Her Prince, Her Master by Dorothy Strangelove
A Pirate's Wife by Lynelle Clark
The Golden Bell by Autumn Dawn
The Wrong Husband by Ruth Ann Nordin
Night Shades by Dorothy Strangelove
Restoring Hope by Ruth Ann Nordin
BRITANNIA by Letitia Coyne
CALEDONIA by Letitia Coyne
HISPANIA by Letitia Coyne
PETRA by Letitia Coyne
The Big Adventure in Little Bosnia by Kenneth R. Szulczyk
Kept - Zoe Winters
The Charmer by Autumn Dawn
A Heart to Mend by Myne Whitman
Slaves Of The Copper Coast by Morris Kenyon
The Albatross and the Mermaid by Amanda Fox
Julie Falsette by Tom Lichtenberg
Captive by Rosemarie Short
Secretary Wars by Linda Gould

From historical romance novel Hispania by Letitia Coyne: 'Catching the hand she swept through her hair, he pulled her closer and kissed the back of her fingers. They were cool against the heat of his lips; cool and fragrant and the touch rolled his stomach into a clench that pushed the air from his chest. He could have drawn her closer, pulled her near and buried his face against her stomach. “I’d prefer the water you left.” The sound in her throat was a growl, intended to intimidate him into silence, but he winced like she’d licked the sweat from his chest..."