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Silent light by Kate Genet
A Pleasant Surprise by Lietha Wards
Forbidden Peaches by Senna Fisher
Sensual Pleasures by Senna Fisher
Love's Blind Fury by Aabra
The Sun Sharer by Jack George Edmunson
The Warlord's Secret by Lizzy ford
Claimed by K.R. Smith
Unfinished Song: Initiate by Tara Maya
Make the Streets Run Vampire Red by Alex Severin
The Altar Chase By K Allen
MEN by K Allen
Truth and Consequences By Esther Minskoff
Hook, Line and Sinker by Diana Mylek
Text Order Bride by Kirsten Osbourne
Micah Rush by Lietha Wards
Dating A Cougar by Donna McDonald
Weightlessness by Marc Jones
The Callahans Book One: Destiny by Gordon Ryan
Loose Lips Sink Ships by Katrina LaCroix
Death Revokes The Offer by Catharine Bramkamp
Hartley's Crush by Lietha Wards
Blood Ties by JD Nixon
Heller by J D Nixon
Discarded Love by Sheryl Sherman
Summer's Rule by Jaye Patrick
Winter's Heart by Jaye Patrick
Autumn's Fall by Jaye Patrick

A short excerpt from Sensual Pleasures, a romance novel by Sienna Fisher: ‘Trisha was completely turned on by the look of Rod, the perfect host, serving his guests. He looked at her while they ate and enjoyed the lust in her eyes. Yes, I like it when you look at me like that, he thought. He wished he could touch her and kiss her, just once. But Warren was discussing world events with her, as if she was the authority on everything. Gareth was trying to get Jocelyn out of her sullen mood. As soon as they had eaten, Jocelyn and Ian left, ...'