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Mrs Osbourne Regrets by Karen Mason
Seducing Miss Dunaway by Kate Rothwell
The Spirit of Harlem by Felicity Savage
Baptism by Fire (Interlude One of the Runequest) by Keira Ramsay
The Snow King by Patricia le Roy
Maudie: The Line of Passion by Karen Mason
Cotton Wool World by Anna Westwood
Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story by Lietha Wards
Eyes of Amethyst by Lynn D. Dick
Bliss by Rachel Rae
The Exciting Life - Karen Mason
A Knight in Cowboy Boots by Charmain Callaway
A Bride for Pastor Dan by Katie Crabapple
The Witch Queen's Secret by Anna Elliott
Meant To Be by Ruth Ann Nordin
Romancing Adrienne by Ruth Ann Nordin
The Glass Palace Chronicle by Patricia le Roy
With this Ring, I thee Dread by Ruth Ann Nordin
Sweat, Glamour and Light Sins by Alex Canton-Dutari
Towards A Rainbow by Charles Coiro
Snapshots of Modern Love by Jose Rodriguez
Skiátheá by John P Lennon
The House of Corsair by Patricia le Roy
Hannah's Blessing by Collette Scott
Better Men By Jacobus Kotze
Traveler's Joy - Dora's Story by Lynn D. Dick
In The Moment by Olivia Jake
The Town's Devil by Lisa Chauke
Devil's Descent Volume 1 by Claudia D. Christian
His Redeeming Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin

From Karen Mason’s romance, Maudie: ‘Right at that moment, Maudie wanted nothing more than to lean over and kiss him on the lips; and, as if gripped by a madness - a power beyond her control, she did just that. It took Brendan by surprise and he pulled back a little, before reaching round and grasping the back of her neck, pulling her in closer. She felt his mouth open, to kiss haer deeper, and she sprang away; once again, looking around, hoping no one was watching. “Come back to my room,” he said quietly. Maudie knew what he wanted ...'