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Free Ebooks: Romance & Women's Fiction

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One Clown Short by Linda Wright
Zombie Games (Origins) by Kristen Middleton
Summer Camp by Cassie Beattie
Don't Tell my Secret By Mark Stewart
Maid in the USA By Judy Angelo - Romance Novel
Where Themba's Heart Belongs by Thabi Majabula
Don't Tell my Secret By Mark Stewart
Lock, Stock and Barrel by Diana Mylek
Jezebel Cole by Karen Mason
Connecting by Thabi Majabula
Straight and Narrow by Sigrid Macdonald
Stealing Heaven by Dee Sunshine
The Complete Family by Thabi Majabula
She Shed a Tear by Jeff Tikari
Claire by Cassie Beattie
Elise-free ebook
Lost and Found by Cassie Beattie
Eye of the Beholder by Ruth Ann Nordin
Episodes of Ecstasy by Jeff Tikari
Still Memories: miscarriage and stillbirth by Wendy Webb
My Melody by Cecil R
The Labyrinth of Comte du Piege By Charles Coiro
Don't Call Me Baby By Betty Byers
Dreaming With Eyes Open by Mahlatse Mokone
Molly's Match by Thabi Majabula
Learning To Fly by Mahlatse Mokone
Bashed by Barbara Marquardt
You'll See by Dai Alanye
Cybettian Geometry with Procedures for War at Peace by Conrad Sarvis
Prometheus Fit To Be Tied by Paul Hawkins

Excerpt from Cassie Beattie's romance novel, Claire: 'Craig graduated from high school, he got an apprenticeship to be an electrician, I was working really hard at school it was my final year and I really wanted good enough grades to be an engineer. It was during this year that our relationship moved to the next level, we had never been sexual before, just touching and kissing, but he asked me to be his first and I wanted to be. It was around this time that my mum was working at the local hospital, she was doing reception work and she loved it, ...'