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Deviations: Covenant by Elissa Malcohn

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Genre/Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Standard Copyright
Ebook Format: PDF
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Deviations: Covenant  by Elissa Malcohn
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Ebook Synopsis

Book 1 in the Deviations series. Don't miss Appetite, Destiny and Bloodlines.

TripStone hates to kill her gods but she must feed her people. An accomplished hunter in the Masari village of Crossroads, she is charged with the ritual slaying of the sacred Yata. Her comrade Ghost tries to end Masari dependence on Yata meat by performing experiments punishable by death. His jeopardy increases when he shelters a teenage runaway sickened by fasting.

Their worldview shatters when they harbor a Yata woman raised to be livestock instead of a god. But Crossroads itself is imperiled. Hidden in the far woods, a secret Yata militia is preparing to alter the balance of power.