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After Life by Simon Funk

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Genre/Category: Science Fiction Books
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After Life by Simon Funk
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Ebook Synopsis

We rode out of town. I asked her what way to go. She of course didn't know, but she said it didn't really matter and that I should just pick a direction, so I did. We rode for a while, at a casual pace so as not to wear out the horses, and then I noticed it. There was something odd about the horizon, some sort of optical illusion, like a mirage but without the shimmering. I stopped my horse to get a stationary look at it. I couldn't quite figure out what I was seeing. The horse was still shifting its weight from foot to foot a bit, jarring my vision enough to be annoying, so I stepped down. And when I looked back to the horizon, it looked fine! Laura sat and watched me with the patience of a parent with her child, maybe raising a brow once or twice. So I shook my head, got back up on the horse, and--there it was again! In fact, the whole horizon moved strangely as I climbed up and down--which, by the way, did start to annoy the horse.

"Come, let's go," Laura said, so I re-mounted and tentatively pressed onward.