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Deviations: Second Covenant by Elissa Malcohn

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Genre/Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Standard Copyright
Ebook Format: PDF
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Deviations: Second Covenant by Elissa Malcohn
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Ebook Synopsis

The voices of the new generation speak out.

Bless struggles to govern Crossroads, now that her father HigherBrook is gone. TelZodo chronicles the Masari's decline as Yata gain control of the region. Caught up in an unpopular argument for increased predation, he doesn't know what to believe in any more.

Abri, Zai's eldest son and a Preserver, must reconcile his sworn oath to hunt Masari with his growing worship of them. He finally understands the true meaning behind his people's ancient myth of the man who had killed his own kind to feed the predators.

Abri's younger brother Evit, following in Ghost's and Piri's footsteps, stumbles on a way to end Masari dependence on Yata flesh ...