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In Constant Contact by Tom Lichtenberg

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In Constant Contact by Tom Lichtenberg
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Ebook Synopsis

The good folks at World Weary Avengers are at it again. Now they've come up with a device that keeps you in continual contact with a "professional friend", someone guaranteed to always be there, whenever you need them, to be whatever you need them to be. Now it's up to Kandhi Clarke and her team of test engineers to make sure if does what it's supposed to, and not what it's not, before this latest tech-astrophe is let loose on the world.


From the far corner of her executive suite on the top floor of the fancy new headquarters of Syomatix Incorporated, Kandhi Clarke sorted through the latest batch of applications for the position of Professional Friend. She had a bad feeling about this. Ever since the latest round of financing, the various vice presidents in charge of ideas had been full of really bad ones. Chalk it up to buzzwords, but they were falling all over each other trying to come up with concepts that fit the sizzling hot categories of contagion, milk and transparency. White boards had been filled, meetings had been scheduled and re-scheduled, and this was the best they came up with? Imaginary so-called friends?
Well, that's what Kandhi called it, anyway. The formal term, Professional Friend, had been settled on after many panicky late-night sessions. It was to be a service. A service service, if you will. Your very own Professional Friend would be there whenever you needed one. It would be ready for whatever it was needed for, and would be guaranteed to never let you down, unlike an actual, amateur friend. It would be worth every penny of the yet-to-be-determined price. So far the project was only in the beta stage of development, and it was Kandhi's job, as Vice President of Product Quality, to make sure they got it right before unleashing it on the general public, or at least until they go it "right enough", since the higher-ups would be sure to override Kandhi's best judgment, no matter what, once a certain indefinite yet-to-be-determined date had been reached.