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Dragon Town by Tom Lichtenberg

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Dragon Town by Tom Lichtenberg
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Ebook Synopsis

Book Three of the Dragon City Trilogy: Dragon Town picks up 17 years after Freak City, which itself followed Snapdragon Alley by 17 years. Argus Kirkham, now 39, is once again dragged unwillingly into an inexplicable situation. Sapphire Karadjian returns to the story as an investigate journalist assigned to a new mystery, a volcanic sinkhole which has swallowed an entire football stadium, and from which a very strange and nameless young girl has emerged, hair and clothes on fire, with a message for Argus. Book Three of the Dragon City series.


"It's a living," Alex shrugged. He was seated with his back to the door, across the table from Sapphire in the only diner in Two Forks, Arizona. He wasn't terribly surprised how quickly she'd tracked him down. He'd always known Sapphire to get what she wanted, whenever she wanted. She told him it had only taken one phone call to find him there in what anyone would say was the middle of nowhere. Two Forks was not even a bend in the road, but a ditch on the side of an empty straight line that went on for miles. Alex and Carmela, the waitress, were the only two people in the town that afternoon when Sapphire arrived by rental car. She didn't know why she hadn't gone straight to the scene of the story but had detoured at least a hundred miles to see her old friend. Maybe she thought he could fill her in on some angle that would be more interesting than the one being plastered all over the TV and news outlets by the other seven thousand reporters who'd gathered around the damn sinkhole. At this point, she hadn't even admitted to him why she was there.