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Beyond the Great Juncture By Wayne Ellis
Book 3 in the Transformation Chronicles

Genre/Category: Science Fiction Books
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Beyond the Great Juncture by Wayne Ellis
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In the early twenty-second century, Daniel Withers and his crew on the Starship 'Centauri' journey to a an Earth-like planet called; Udicia. While Earth enjoys spiritual peace, Udicia is conquered by the Shadow Empire and far from it. This time the Guardians and the Keepers will do whatever it takes, to help transform this world into a place much like Earth has become...

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There was a brilliant flash of light. A huge silver mandala appeared, and a man stepped out. He stood in the alleyway outside an ancient Gothic church, somewhere in the midst of France.

“What do you think about this Temple on Mars?” asked Christophe Braun. “Do you think we can actually achieve hyperspace via the realms?”

“It’s worth a shot,” replied Lena Knopf. “It’s either twenty minutes or twenty years. I really think we’re not in this universe to live in space.”

They sat in a coffee shop called “Superb Brew” aboard the Starship Centauri. It was one of many shops that made up what looked like a small rural town, recreated inside most of the Starship’s main fuselage. And it came with some very earthly comforts: a gentle breeze blew outside; the sun was shining; and you could see in the distance many plants and trees. Even a small creek ran through the centre of town. First of its kind in the Interstellar ships, Centauri was quite a feat of engineering.

“I think you’re right, Lena,” said Braun. “I don’t want to become an old man out here.”

Christophe was thirty-two and always had to be the life of the party. He was the type of person who could suddenly turn a very serious situation into light-hearted humour. He had black hair and a short stocky build, due to his German descent. He wore the Earth Federation’s uniform, which was heavily influenced by the Indian kurta. The Earth Federation’s patch was proudly woven into the upper-left side of the jacket. The patch was a sixteen-pointed star made up of nine interlocking triangles, surrounded by two rows of eight and sixteen petals.

Zac looked up from an electronic magazine he was reading. “I read an article a few months ago that the late Sean Cummins wrote. He said that not only is it possible that we could hyperspace via the realms; we could go beyond the need for space-craft altogether.”

Zac Reeve may strike you as a young man who did exceptionally well at university. You might even believe he was still at university! He looked a lot younger than his twenty-three years of age, with his boyish looks and blond curly hair. He also wore a uniform similar to Braun’s. He was New Zealand born.

“You mean, like StarGate or something?” asked Lena.

Lena was twenty-seven, with thin build and sandy-coloured hair. Born in France, she had her hair in a bob and wore the sari version of the uniform. Unlike commercial airline uniforms a century before, hers had a high collar and a long dress.

“Perhaps. Cummins said, and I quote, ‘The realms would give us the capacity to become so united that the whole galaxy would be like one big Earth’.”

“Woa,” said Braun, “I’ll have so many contacts, I won’t have time to talk to everyone!”

“I don’t think Mr. Cummins was talking about social networking,” said Lena. “It’s something much more subtle.”