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Brothers By Numbers
by S J Garrett

Genre/Category: Science Fiction Books
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Brothers By Numbers by S J Garrett
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We are the aliens! They are our future - the greys, the reptilians and the little men in flying saucers. We didn't actually evolve into these manifestations - we created them or more exactly engineered them out of necessity.

"Brothers By Numbers" is science fiction of course and a real 'boys' story' concerning a young soldier, five hundred years into the future, who finds his humanity by learning to care for others and as a result his soldiering convictions appear to suffer. Told in a compelling first person voice - at first naïve and enthusiastic and then as the realities of wartime build, wiser and more mature as he discovers how fragile and more dear life becomes as one gains more experience.

Set in a future society that is only moderately more dystopian than today's, "Brothers By Numbers" becomes a true novel of ideas. It should make a reader think and more importantly as all good science fiction should - encourage one to dream.

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