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Long Time Lost by Raymond L Relf

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Long Time Lost by Raymond L Relf
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Suitable only for mature readers.

How would you feel if one day you received a letter which ultimately told you that you were living among aliens? Then you had to discover if you were alone on the planet while trying to find your way home.


How often have you heard somebody say something has changed their life, well something changed mine at least ten times more than anybody else has ever had theirs chanced. You don’t believe me? I don’t blame you.
I awoke a bit earlier than my usual time for a Saturday, morning just after nine. I was woken by someone knocking the front door; I had been planning on having an extra lay in because it was my twenty first birthday.
Let them knock I thought, nobody on any importance comes
to my door this early. Then they knocked even louder, so swearing to myself I got out of bed and slipped on my bath robe and went to the door.
When I opened it there was a UBS delivery guy standing there with a package.
“Good morning sir,” he said smiling. “Would you mind signing for this?”
“I didn’t think I had ordered anything recently.”
He handed it to me; it was a rather thick A4 padded envelope along with his hand held computer for me to sign.
Once I had shut the door my first thought was that someone had sent me a birthday present. I knew it wouldn’t be from my parents as they had already sent me a birthday card and a cheque from New Zealand where they had moved to a few years ago.
I looked at the label and it was from a London Solicitors. Why would a solicitor be sending me something? It felt as if there was something solid inside as well as some soft packing.
I went into the kitchen and taking out the scissors I cut open the flap and carefully tipped the contents out onto the kitchen table, what looked like a metal block about two inches square and half an inch thick with two contacts on one side wrapped in bubble wrap fell out along with a letter with the heading – Braithwaite, Braithwaite and Simpson, Solicitors Established 1843.

The letter read: ...