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Oracle Moon. By Wayne Ellis
Book 1 in the Transformation Chronicles

Genre/Category: Science Fiction Books
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Oracle Moon - Wayne Ellis
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In the near future, the Earth is ascending into a higher spiritual life. People are becoming 'Gurus'; those that has come out of the 'Darkness of confusion'. Secretly within this darkness, entities called the 'Shadows' have long had possession over this confusion.

With an imminent rise of 'Gurus' and 'Shadows' an advanced alien race called the Caldons select the first 'Guardian' of Earth to help protect this rising transformation and rising threat.

The Shadows are finally cast off the Earthly realms and the first battle to transform the rest of the galaxy begins on the Moon...

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There was a brilliant flash of light. A huge silver mandala appeared, and a man stepped out. He stood in the alleyway outside an ancient Gothic church, somewhere in the midst of France.

He quickly and stealthily made his way across the grounds toward the grand entrance. He walked inside and across the nave, briefly standing before the seats set out for the choir. Making his way around the side alley of this area, he came to a silent halt. A priest was standing at the altar flicking through a large volume.

He crept toward the priest unnoticed and took a sharp turn into the church’s treasury. After scanning the room, he moved directly toward a wooden door at the end of the room and opened the sliding bolt.

He raced down the stairs and into the underground wing of the treasury. Pulling out a silver mandala that was dangling inside his clothes, he noticed it was emitting a lot of heat.

He lifted up his hands and there was a flash of light. Items that were stored there started falling over, some things moved around and other things even began to float in the air. A large mandala appeared and sat horizontally above the centre of the room. It suddenly began rotating in a clockwise direction, but it started really slowly. The artefacts had been implanted in the ground using darker, opposing powers, but the powers that put it there were no match against the mandala.

He moved his hand a little in a clockwise spinning motion, and soon the rotation of the mandala was underway. As it picked up speed, almost all of the treasure that was stored there was being taken around for the ride. However, the man wasn’t concerned about this material; it had been corrupted by the dark forces anyway. What was really important was the items he was extracting now.