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The Essence of Mars By Wayne Ellis
Book 2 in the Transformation Chronicles

Genre/Category: Science Fiction Books
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The Essence of Mars - Wayne Ellis
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The Shadows plan to re-establish their dominion on Earth has been foiled and the new Guardian and Keepers have an opportunity to end their reappearances forever!

Now advanced in their collective strength from the Oracle and the rings, they journey to Mars to come head to head with the Shadows once more.

This time they battle to claim the only 'Gate' in this region of space and the key to that gate, the underlying power - the 'Essence'.

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Elise Boyer woke early and touched the Oracle, which was sitting on her bedside table. Her living quarters on the Moon were very small and simple, but she didn’t mind. She quickly showered, jumped into her overalls, picked up the Oracle and left the room.

A small woman with dark hair, Elise was thirty-three and Australian. She had a dynamic and wise personality. It had been a couple of weeks since the Shadow Lord tried to reclaim the Earth. But thanks to Sean and the Keepers, this calamity was prevented.

Now, she was the Guardian.

What that meant she was not entirely certain, but Arden said she would receive knowledge from the Oracle as she required it. He also said there would be several tests she would receive in the “Essence” of the realm of innocence. The Essence was the underlying reality of the physical manifestation. It would be very challenging and very gruelling to bring her up to the standard of a Guardian. This was very important, as the Essence could be compromised by the Shadows to gain access to other realms.

She walked down the tunnel past the living area, through the amenities area and toward Moondome. She saw a long electric jack-truck coming from the dome’s double doors, carrying a capsule. A capsule leaving Moondome? She was almost at the door when a man in a hard hat motioned for her to move aside. Another jack-truck was following the last one.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“A lot of the plants are dying,” he replied. “We’re also removing some of the soil.”

She was about to query him further when she noticed Sean poking his head out of his office across the other side of the tunnel. She moon-walked her way toward him.